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Posted by iannybeany | Jul 21, 2012 @ 05:53 PM | 7,623 Views
Pulled out the flying delta wing slope soaring glider and patched up a few holes where servo's were mounted in the wings...cut out the rear of the glider to take a small electric engine and remodelled the centre to take radio and servo's and now I have a near completed powered wing...just need a little advice and I could be in the air flying...should I attach stabilisers to the end of the wings or go for a central one?
Hope anyone can help.
Went for my first test flight wasn't sure of C/g so added a little weight to the nose. Proved to be not needed as C/G was just about perfect with the set up shown. I've found I need at least a 3 cell battery for more power and will go for a sports prop so will move the motor further aft to counteract the extra weight of the battery. Need to tighten up the hinges a servo fittings as these were a little loose after the first couple of rough landings. Big prop proved a problem with landings dislodging the motor on last landing. pleasantly surprised how stable it flew..looking forward to next flight with changes will post a picture or two of modifications...Busy at the moment building new Kitchen and putting down a Bamboo floor.
Posted by iannybeany | Jun 15, 2012 @ 10:35 PM | 7,778 Views
Some 40 years ago a very good friend Wayne Hadkins gave me a glider that I have flown only several times that we launched using a catapult made from surgical tube as shock cord was harder to find and more expensive. I launched this glider some weeks ago using the same catapult and found much to my surprise that the wing tips folded into and touched each other resulting in the plane falling out of the sky in a spin and crashing tail first. The tail was quickly repaired but replacing the broken brass tubing and refitting the spring steel wing rods took a little longer but with the magic builders bog you wouldn't think it had broken.
Today with an electric motor fitted to the once sleek balsa nose it will again roam the skies taking in the views of our beautiful countryside...I hope to have a camera there to record the launch and if Matt turns up with his mounted camera plane we might get a few arial shots of her flying as well.

I have the youtube "Test Flying Ian's EP glider build" not sure if this will link you but i will try it
Test Flying Ian's EP glider build (6 min 52 sec)

you can search using the Test flying bit in Youtube and comes up. We have a great flying field. Not officially a flying field but it works.