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Posted by Jim.Thompson | Jul 19, 2012 @ 02:39 AM | 9,753 Views
I started the hinges on the new foam plank "Harlequin", but ran out of tape. The hinges are tension hinges. I used the tape and method recommended by my brother John.
It is a HobbyKing product described as :
"Ultra thin prismatic sticker sheet" and can be found here:

It comes in a sheet 180mm wide. I sliced stips off this 22mm wide. (180 long). Then removed the backing sheet from each piece and replaced it with 6 - 8 mm exposed. Then I took 2 of these and flipped one of them over so that the exposed sticky parts stuck to each other. This was then cut into 12mm wide strips. The stips were slid between the control surface and the drag spar, one of the backing strips removed and the strip stuck to the top of the wing. I had placed a strip of masking tape along the wing and control surface and the elevon to create a line to position each of these hinge pieces in a straight line. The second hinge piece was then slid in and stuck to the elevon, ie: alternating. When I had a set of four stuck on top, I turned the plane over and tensioned up each one in turn and stuck to its corresponding wing/elevon, as the case may be. I did four at each end like this to hold the elevon in position before continuing on the complete the entire hinge length.
The reason that I ran out of material is that I stuck the backing paper back on some of the film the wrong way up. It has a shiny side! I've ordered more from HobbyKing so I expect it will arrive within a short time. I want this plane flying in time for the slope fest in September at Mt. Borah, Manilla NSW Australia.