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Posted by Jim.Thompson | Jun 19, 2012 @ 06:24 PM | 9,213 Views
I now have everything that I need to complete my new foam plank.
Next is to fit the control horns and the rx. into the wing. The batteries and the switch is in the fuselage (well forward) and the rx. in the wing.
Hope to get onto it in the next couple of days.

Posted by Jim.Thompson | Jun 08, 2012 @ 11:04 PM | 8,923 Views
I did managed to get some of the colour on the Cobra during our very brief dry spell. I noticed a couple of delamination spots that I missed, so I fixed them by injecting under the skin with a syringe etc. Now I just have to touch up the paint again. I used very narrow plastic spray painters masking tape to do the curve around the spinner. It worked really well, but pulled a bit of paint off. So now I have to touch that up as well.
I have the Soviet star decals from HobbyKing to put on after that and a flying buddy is sending me some vinyl window stickers. I don't know about panel lines, maybe I will do them, maybe just clear coat without.

Meanwhile, I have been building a foam plank for flying at festivals with crowded air space (Mt. Borah for instance). I've been a bit slack with my blog entries, but here's a pic of it in the jig with the fin socket gluing up. I made a socket out of some glass/epoxy by vac bagging it onto the bottom of the fin after covering it with cling wrap for a release. After trimming, I glued it in place in my old jig as per the picture.

The plank is 1500mm span, PW51 airfoil and looks like it will be AUW of around 1200 grams. That will equate to around 40 g/sdm, which will be fine for the good lift we most often get out at Mt. Borah, NSW Australia.
This one will have 2 servos only.