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Posted by Jim.Thompson | Feb 16, 2012 @ 02:54 AM | 8,147 Views
I have now set up the bench with accurately positioned MDF panes at the dihedral with a 110mm wide flat section in the middle to position the centre part of the wing that will be fixed to the fuselage.
The joiner tube can be seen in the accompanying picture. The incidence pin cut out is next.
I discovered an easy way to make the tubes for the incidence pins. I have some 3mm carbon rod that I will use for the pins. Just by chance I had some nylon tube that fits it quite snuggly. I will wrap some glass cloth around that and bind it with carbon tow. The nylon tube will stay in there.


edit: I just realised that I meant to post this on the Wompoo build thread. So, this is a double post!