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Posted by Jim.Thompson | Nov 29, 2011 @ 09:16 PM | 5,038 Views
I now have the moulds all prepared, waxed PVA and primed. The first (bottom) skins layup is under vacuum. One layer of 100gsm plain weave glass and balsa core in front of the spar and 2 mm foam core behind the spar. I will install the spar cap tow tomorrow and the internal layer of 100 gsm glass and vac bag again.

Posted by Jim.Thompson | Nov 25, 2011 @ 11:51 PM | 7,082 Views
I am now setting up the two lower wing mould halves so that the joiner will be alligned correctly. The parting plane was not on the chord line due to a mistake of mine, so I put the wing plugs in the moulds and set everything up parrallel and level. Then I set the joiner in place level and filled the space in the moulds to fit the joiner. The alighnment pin/rod can be seen in the picture as well.
There was more slight voids to fill in the root ends. When all this cures I will layup some wing skins. Probably some time next week.

Posted by Jim.Thompson | Nov 21, 2011 @ 10:32 PM | 4,201 Views
I have now made the moulds and split them. I used a fairly light epoxy/glass layup of around 4 mm thick only and stiffened them up with 30 mm RHS section steel tubing. The tubing is only glued along the LE and the TE, but will keep them nice and straight and prevent twisting.
the moulds split ok with only a bit of TE breakout where I failed to fill the join between the TE spacer and the TE. As a result, some resin mix soaked between the spacer and the parting board. No great problem though and I have already started to repair the slight gaps.
I have now made a more reasonably sized joiner - 40 x 14 and with a foam core and ply shear web. It has only 40 lengths of 50k carbon tow and is 85 grams. But I have yet to trim it. Very strong. Today I started the joiner box(s) and began by wrapping the joiner with drop sheet plastic after I had lightly lubricated it with vaseline. Then I spiral wound strips of 100gsm glass about 30mm wide around the plastic covered assembly in both directions. I then wet it out with resin. When it was still green, I made sure it would move on the joiner.
Next step is to spiral wind it with carbon tow in both directions.

I hope to be laying up wings next week!