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Posted by Jim.Thompson | Mar 22, 2010 @ 08:27 PM | 5,212 Views
My new "Endorphin" is now trimmed and sorted. The brakes work so well, I had to reduce the deflection of the flaps to around 65 deg. To adjust the down elevator compensation, I selected the programmable mixer on the tx. before launch. I could then adjust it while flying, by bring the tx up close to my face while the plane was high and safe.
I have it trimmed nicely for all modes of flight. In the dive test, it stays on the set trajectory straight and true.
It will fly basic manouvres smoothly, but not too good on inverted flight, which is not surprising.

Very pleased with this plane!

Posted by Jim.Thompson | Mar 08, 2010 @ 07:03 PM | 6,622 Views
The new rebuilt Endorphin is finished. I followed some suggestions from Steve Wenban regarding a couple of minor mods.
I changed the tip airfoil to E205 with the foot foil the same SD6060. This was to make it more manageable to suit my level of flying skills. I also built in a small amount of dihedral.
I have flown it, and it is mostly sorted. It satisfies all expectations, and the butterfly braking slows it donw to a hear hover for very safe, controlled landings. I'm really delighted with it!

I have already started another one, this time with the original symmetrical SD8020 on the tips. Also, it will have a double taper and more modern rounded tip LE.

More as build progress continues.