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Posted by Jim.Thompson | Jun 27, 2009 @ 12:59 AM | 5,276 Views
My recently built "V" tail was maidened at the Mt. Bora NSW Australia recon weekend early this month. I have posted info abou this, so will not add too much. It was one of my first composites, and eventuated over weight at 1.7 kgs. At 1800 mm, it flew (not surprisingly) very fast, much too fast for my limited experience.

I see it now as a successful prototype, and work has started on the new one which will be called: "Endorphin". Much lighter and with a more docile airfoil. The prototype had a blended airfoil, with a SD606 at the root, and a symmetrcial SD8020 at the tip.

More as this plane develops.