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Posted by Jim.Thompson | May 02, 2009 @ 12:49 PM | 4,945 Views
Ok. So I have found the way to make a post on my blog!
I started flying models when I was a teenager four decades ago, flying control line aircraft, freeflight and then single channel radio control. For those younger readers out there, these primitive planes had rubber powered escapements which we wound up with a hand drill, and rudder only. This meant that the nose dipped of the plane each time a command whas given. It was one click of a button for say left, and two for right. The escapement had to go through left to get to right. Or vise/versa. In hindsight, I do no know why it was not customary to link the rudder and elevator mechanically to provide slight up when the rudder was activated. It would have provided a more balanced turn.
After over forty years abscence from flying, I was drawn into it again after a visit to my brother in New Zealand who has been an active rc modeller (again) for decades, whith his own magnificent slope on Waiheke Island. Also, a previous employer of mine gave me a built up thermal glider, which I eventually cut down the wing and fitted ailerons to make it into a slope glider aileron trainer. I learned to fly on the slope with it, and it has been crashed numerous time. Its been in trees, in the ocean and flown at great speed through a barbed wire fence.
Recently, I have been learning to build composities, so effecient! I am currently building three models of my own design. Actually, only two now, as the plank is ready to go!

More later............