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Posted by Dora Nine | Aug 26, 2007 @ 05:08 PM | 10,702 Views
A couple weeks ago, I joined the crowd of folks who fly the Electrifly Fokker DVII. The thread in the "Park Flyers" section really covers the plane well...and took out 95% of the guess work for me. This is the first plane which flew hands-off without any trim adjustments on it's maiden. I currently have about 35 flights and absolutely love flying it. I love how slow I can fly it. The low speed handling is also great for super smooth touch downs and eases the burden of it's less than perfect groundhandling qualities. The plane makes a great addition to my hangar and I have been contimplating buying the Fokker DRI to fly with it. I still have some remaining detail work to do that'll I'll finish up as quality flying weather diminishes. Top on the list is: I'd like to do the plane including a Snoopy head to depict Snoopy's lesser known "cousin" who flew with the Red Baron. If anyone has one or know's where I can find one, please let me know.

Here's my setup:

Electrifly Rimfire motor
Electrifly SS-25 ESC
JR Sport Micro RX with micro antenna
GWS Dual Conversion chrystal
E-flite S-60's for ailerons
HS-55 for elevator
S-75 for rudder
Thunder Power Prolite 3 Cell 2100 for power
APC SF 10X4.7 prop

Flight times run roughly 15-20 min depending on throttle use.
Posted by Dora Nine | Aug 24, 2007 @ 03:42 AM | 10,632 Views
I'm doing a new blog entry to make sure everyone gets to see these pics. A little crazy story behind these though. So my Mom and Stepfather purchase me a framed photo of a local tug as a gift for my birthday. Well, while at the airshow, I came across the guy who took the photo---imagine that thousands of people and I run into that one particular guy. And the reason for it: I was asking about his camera and what I should be looking for in purchasing my own DSLR. Small world. Anyway, the pics!
Posted by Dora Nine | Aug 13, 2007 @ 01:57 PM | 10,298 Views
Hey Guys, here's the lastest off the bench-I have a few more coming -the Extreme Flight Yak-54E. So far, I only have a about 1/2 dozen flights on it, but I love it! Essentially it's the stock/recomended set-up with a few minor changes like the 3DHS carbon swept gear, and a Great Planes spinner. I orginally was going to buy the "red" version of the Yak, but when I saw a guy paint the inside of the canopy with the "yellow" version, I was sold on that one.
A month or so ago, I got a great deal on here for another Torque motor, Airboss ESC and DE BEC, so stay tuned to seeing the Vanquish sometime over the winter as I have few other projects on the table/wating list between now and then. Thanks for looking.