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Posted by Dora Nine | Jul 31, 2007 @ 02:02 AM | 9,516 Views
As promised here's a few more shots of me hovering for the camera. Sadly though I am still cursed with somewhat fuzzy inflight pics of my planes. This time it was probably because of how foggy it was that day. Oh-well. Enjoy!
Posted by Dora Nine | Jul 29, 2007 @ 03:55 PM | 9,422 Views
I know, I know...not the warbird thing. I'm just trying some new avenues of flying-much like the float flying. Today I managed to get a break from driving the tugboat and do some flying at a local park in Brooklyn, NY. Same place as the Corsair pics below. I'll post more when i get home later this week when I have access to faster internet. Anyway in the meantime, enjoy!
Posted by Dora Nine | Jul 13, 2007 @ 03:56 AM | 9,598 Views
What a great plane. I've been messing around more with 3D flight...Not exactly my favorite style of flight, but still kinda neat to try things and expand my skill level.

My Set-up:

E-flite 480 1020KV
APCE 12X6 prop
JR Sport Micro RX
GWS Crystal
HS-65's in the tail
HS-55's in the wings
Thunder Power Extreme 3 Cell 2070mah for power.
The Spinner is made by MP jet. 40mm with 4mm collect. High quality, super light and under 10 bucks.

Amps: Roughly 25 (static)
Watts: +/-250 (static)
Posted by Dora Nine | Jul 12, 2007 @ 03:21 PM | 10,624 Views
Alright guys, without being too biased here …let me just say this plane is awesome!! The construction is great and similar to other Alfa’s. The electronic set-up took roughly an hour.
On the down side, I am little bummed that Alfa changed the canopy size and set-up. I would have preferred that the two (FW-A and D) were interchangeable as they are on the real plane. This could have been fun to produce a “blown” hood version of the A or even a “F” model 190 out of the A model kit.. The same can be said for the battery hatch/machine gun hood. I didn’t actually check but it appears that the wings are not interchangeable as the wing is bigger on the Alfa Dora This too is an interchangeable part on the real plane, as many Dora’s were converted A model airframes.
With all this being said though, the scale outline of the plane looks very nice. I haven’t had a chance to see how it measures out against a scale outline, but the two have to be pretty close.

My current set-up is:

Esskay 400XT (Now Little Screamer Purple Peril)
Electrifly SS-25 ESC
APC SF 8X6 prop
2 Hs-55 servos
JR Sport Pos Shift RX
GWS Crystal
Max Amps 3 cell 1500 mah battery.

Amp draw is around 13 amps with about 115 watts
AUW--forgot to measure, must be around 15-16 oz’s

This flight report is based on six flights on the plane, one of which was done in winds of 10 mph. During the rest of the testing, the winds were calm.

Power plant: This topic seems to come up a lot in regard to Alfa...Continue Reading
Posted by Dora Nine | Jul 06, 2007 @ 11:02 AM | 9,765 Views
As you may be guessing, I'm pretty happy with the looks and the perfomance of my H9 Cub on floats. Despite having little float experience, I think I've done well. My landings still need some work...not a smooth as I'd like. Today was a little breezy...and the since the Cub flies so slow to begin with--the added head wind...the plane was doing all it could to keep flying.

Enjoy the pics.
Posted by Dora Nine | Jul 05, 2007 @ 09:56 PM | 9,718 Views
Today, finally the weather was decent enough to give my latest addition to the fleet a whirl--My Hangar 9 Cub--now with floats! Specifically, the new H9 floats for the Cub. The float assembly was pretty straight took roughly an hour to have everything all assembled. And so far I am pretty pleased with them. They seem to be pretty sturdy. Some people had warned me that this might not be the case. My only complaint is that I was unable to get both the rudder and the water rudder to operate in the same direction with the use of a "Y" harness as recomended in the instructions. I tried flipping the direction of the servo, but no luck, I ended up just bending the included push rod to have it come on the oposite side of the servo than it was intended. I don't have as much throw as maybe I could with the water rudder, however after tonight's flying, I don't think it'll be an issue. Anyway, here's some pics. Enjoy! Any questions..shoot.