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Posted by Dora Nine | Dec 30, 2006 @ 04:34 AM | 7,519 Views
From time to time, I have mentioned that I operate a tug boat in New York Harbor in my various posts. So today I decided I would share with you my tug/job. I am the mate of the tug... The Captain and I work oposite shifts. Although by comparison, my current boat is smaller than most in the harbor...all that really means is I get to experience the joys of fitting into places the bigger boats can't. I've included some pics to show you just that.

The Tug:
Some Stats:
Built: 1965
Length: 78 feet
Draft: 10.5 feet
Hp: 1,530

The Barge:
Some stats:
Length 245 feet
Beam: 42 feet
Max Draft 13.5feet
Capacity: 22,000BBLs or 924,000 gallons

Tug/barge length while pushing from behind: 305 feet.
Tug barge length while pushing along side: 245 feet.
Tug barge width while pushing along side about 70 feet.
Posted by Dora Nine | Dec 23, 2006 @ 04:02 PM | 8,866 Views
Here's a few more planes: The E-flite Mini Pulse.. And Hyperion Cap-232. Bloth planes are powered by E-flite 450's and Master Airscrew 10X8 electric Only props. Both also have SS-25 amp ESC's. Which with throttle management can deliver flights close to 20 minutes in length with a 3 cell 2100mah prolite.

Note: The Cap's stock landing gear is quite weak and really un-usable. So instead I replaced them with a set from the Mini Pulse. I have since re-painted the gear dark blue to match the Cap...just haven't shot a pic of it. To add the gear, I added a Bass wood block to the underside of the fuse and drilled holes for 4-40 bolts to passe through and blind nuts to the added on the inside. With a little red lock-tite, I haven't looked back.

Another change a I made to plane was to reinforce the fwd inside section of the fuse with thin balsa. This did add some weight, however it left me with the feeling should gravity strike, won't be left with a pile of tooth picks. Lets hope I don't find out either way.

As for the Mini Pulse, this plane was such as easy build...I can't even find words to describe. Four hours max was needed to get this plane flying...and I think I even took a break in there to have lunch. Though, I still need to find a pilot figure. Why I bought this plane was for aerial photography...but as of yet...I haven't gotten around to doing that. I wanted a plane with nicer looks than Slo-stick, but something that could lift a payload. The light wing loading and the ability to use flaperons leaves little doubt that this has been a poor choice. Full throttle is only used to clear obstacles such as fences and trees during take-off. IMHO the Mini Pulse would make a great four channel trainer.
Posted by Dora Nine | Dec 23, 2006 @ 03:37 PM | 7,257 Views
First off: The "new" Hanger 9 Cub. Essentially the PNP version except, I bought the ARF and the motor--I already had the radio gear. On a side note, anyone thinking of giving glow a whirl, this Evo .46NT is a awesome motor. Started and idled almost instantly. I ran a tank though it just to be sure. Three flights so far not a dead stick yet. I'm turning a 11X6 Prop, but looking for 12X4. As it is the plane takes off in 15 feet at half throttle. The best part though, thanks to RCG members, I sold off various parts such as motors and ESC's I had kicking around to pay for the Cub and out of pocket was a mere TEN BUCKS!!!