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Posted by LemonC | Oct 30, 2015 @ 04:46 PM | 11,070 Views
Rc drift is the current bug i have. Last november (2014), I had a torn retina and had sugery to correct that. I kinda gave up flying due to that. The sun and my healing eye were a concern.

Ive been kinda wanting to get back in the air, but hasnt happened yet. I eventually will again. Towerhobbies had a few $30-40 foam kits that caught my eye in their 2016 catalog.

Work is slow so ive been detailing my 3Racing Sakura D4 rwd build and progress. My Sakura Xi Sport has been sitting for a while. I d like to track with it, but my kids and wife take up a lot of my time after work, and the nearest full time track option is about 50minutes away right now, and there is a temporary track site on saturdays about 30min from me.

There is also a drift track that ive been trying to fit into my schedule but its about an hour a way from what i understand...