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Posted by arcticflyer | Aug 09, 2015 @ 11:44 AM | 6,880 Views
High Performance:

Adj. 1. high-performance - modified to give superior performance; "a high-performance car"
↔superior - of high or superior quality or performance;

high-performance(adj)modified to give superior performance"a high-performance car

(of machines, engines, cars) very efficient and powerful ⇒ the thrill of taking an expensive high-performance car to its limits, a high-performance engine,

used to describe a product that is faster, more powerful, etc. than other similar products:

As you can see from my profile I live on the High Performance Forum. I put the definitions as given by various sources to clarify what High Performance really means. Key words in the above listed definitions are: Modified, Quality, Superior, Powerful, Faster. I would like to see us stick as close as possible to the definitions in what we bring into the forum. Subjects brought to the forum for a build or for discussion should be to modify or improve the plane or item so that it can be faster, more powerful or efficient. This does not exclude stock planes that were purpose built to exceed the performance of other similar planes...hope that makes sense.

I can't leave anything a product and the first thing I do is take it apart and see if I can make it better or more useful and that should be the goal with everything that appears in the HP forum. Those ideas are shared with all of the others so we can all benefit from the experience and experimentation of others. This forum has been a great help to me over the years and I have so many friends all over the world as a result of it.

We've had our differences at times but all in all you are a great bunch of guys!