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Posted by FeiJi | Sep 28, 2013 @ 04:31 AM | 5,869 Views
First flight of my 9mm laminated EPP foam plank. Great carves (banks I guess), nice loops, not very good rolls (that could just be me though).. Great fun to fly. Seems pretty stall proof. Have to make a better motor mount though.
Going to make a better tail.
Sound on video breaks up a bit - I am using a cheap usb mic adapter and the driver doesn't play well with my video editing software.

Update: found out it rolls to right great but not left. Right elevon doesn't have as much throw as left so increased it a bit. Will see how it goes now.
Fixed the problem, not enough up elevon. Rolls great - fast and axial.
Ugly Plank Maiden (2 min 35 sec)

Posted by FeiJi | Sep 27, 2013 @ 03:31 AM | 5,652 Views
1 meter 9mm epp laminated foam. Wing has fiberglass fishing pole spars and is unbendable. AUW with lipo is 520 grams. Could have saved another ounce if I skipped the spars which I really didn't need. 1800kv motor with 1100mah lipo. This one is a half pound lighter than my first plank which flies really well. Will maiden in day or two. Wing is really ugly as I trimmed with knife but didn't have any sandpaper. Wing held on to fuselage with couple of zip ties. About 5 hours to build.
Did I mention that it is ugly.
Posted by FeiJi | Sep 17, 2013 @ 04:56 PM | 5,794 Views
I pulled out my Plank wing, replaced 1800kv motor with 2217 2700kv motor and 1100mah battery with 1800mah. Flew right out of my hand, very fast and smooth then started doing loops and rolls, went into death spiral and boom. Surprisingly, the wings just separated from the fuse, the motor shaft got pushed back a bit and the casing of the rx came apart but it all fits back together. Couldn't find prop or prop adapter. Crashed not far from an automobile so am thinking I need to test this out on the island where there is nothing to hit. Wow, flying it felt so smooth and effortless - and it looks cool in the air. I thought as I was walking to pick up the pieces that there wouldn't be anything left but epp just bounces. Have to rebuild this one.

Figured out why I spiraled in, left screw out of servo arm and right elevon jammed all the way up when I was slamming it around. - so my theory goes. Bent motor shaft a bit, motor probably wont last long as I will fly it anyway. Don't have any straight shafts.

Took about an hour to get plank back together. Ready to fly tomorrow.
Posted by FeiJi | Sep 05, 2013 @ 06:01 PM | 5,806 Views
My one trick pony solution.
RC Foam WIng with Elevating Motor Mount (0 min 57 sec)

Since my first flights I have had a few more and now takeoff is smoother and when I transition the motor mount to normal position and add down elevons it goes nicely into level flight. If I transition the mount without down elevon the plane will nose up and harrier until I add down elevon. The original flights were tail heavy so added more nose weight. Landings are a breeze as the wing is pretty stall proof.