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Posted by DrFragnasty | Sep 29, 2011 @ 02:50 AM | 8,068 Views
Sell, sell sell!

Gone are the 2 Estrellas. Great distance task machine, just not "fun" to fly. At least not as fun as a Furio or my new Vikos (admittedly the Vikos is just an F3F slope rocket).

Gone is the E4
Great ship, very docile but draggy aerofoil HQ 2.8.

Gone is the Xperience Pro (even greater ship). It had to make way for the Exploder 3.5 full carbon which is mint (ex David Hobby) and flies very very well.

Gone is the 4.3m Discus (no regrets, wing section sucked; Gottenberg very undercambered, hardly contemporary)

New arrivals:
Muller Espada RL. The jury is out on this one. Still trimming and thus far I don't like it; too twitchy and astable and doesn't climb. May need ballast to get it to fly at the optimum speeds.

Jury says it's a keeper. Flown with 800g fuz ballast and it's sweet off the slope. Need to try it with another 600g then we'll know. Love those Norbert Habe designs. Fun to fly and axial rolls, idiot proof low-speed handling. Just wish it was 3.1m span, was 300g lighter, had rds, had a thinner fuz and I'd use it for F3B.

Currently looking at a FS3 for F3B work.