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Posted by Kmot | Oct 04, 2018 @ 06:25 PM | 17,811 Views
Anyone remember these?

Mine broke down 10 years ago. I let someone drive it and they were hammering on it pretty good. I thought the diff had blown. I parked it in my shed and left it. Decided a couple of weeks ago to try to get it going again. Turned out one of the motor mount brackets sheared in half. I made a new bracket. Cleaned it up and was ready to try to start it. Pressed on the primer bulb and it crumbled from old age. I found new carbs on eBay for $15 shipped. Got the carb installed and she fired right up. But my linkage was catywampus at first. Got it adjusted and drove a couple laps in the backyard.

My Beagle likes to chase RC cars. She has never seen such a large RC car as this! lol...
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