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Posted by Barracuz | Oct 26, 2013 @ 08:02 PM | 6,359 Views
Well I guess I can finally start my winter project... A MGT with a magnum XL 70.

The engine is in good condition I tore it down a it had some surface rust but nothing major... I also readjusted the valves and gave everything a good bath in nitro. I really can't start it because I don't have a prop for it. That's one of the obstacles I'll have to over come. I'm planning on a electric start but that's still on the drawing board.

I also got the cooling narrowed down; just need to screw on a pulley wheel to a cpu fan and run a rubber band or some old belt to the flywheel or spur on the mgt's tranny and mount the fan somewhere with some aluminum sheets.

Another problem I need to solve is the clutch and flywheel since the crank on the stroker is almost twice the size of the 8.0 in my mgt I'm gonna have to do some serious fab to get something on there. But anyway I'm still searchin the interwebz for something. I've heard of 4 stroke heli engine with a clutch on a couple of forums but after thoroughly abusing the Google search bar I've found nothing.

And well for the gearing I've found a website where they sell a whole variety of rc parts and they have lots of spurs to choose. The good thing is that the mgt tranny has all metal internals so no worrys there.

And of course I have a turbo ready for install lol... I have a turbo keychain it's really beat (i don't treat my keys well) but I'll just slap it on the end of the exhaust for some bling and whistle

So I'll keep updating this build every week or whenever I get something major done.

I also be posting pics