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Posted by Straight Up | May 08, 2009 @ 10:31 PM | 11,825 Views
A project that took far too long finally achieved a milestone today - maiden flight! So this isn't the end of the project? No, retracts will be installed next.

The kit was extremely well travelled. Manufactured in China, sold in the USA, shipped to me in Saudi Arabia, impounded by Saudi Arabian customs, shipped to my parents in Australia, then I moved from Saudi and had my parents send it to me... in Canada. Whew! It took a year just to finally get my hands on it!

As for the build, I was never happy with the built-in incidence that was obvious from the outset. Wing leading edge 10mm from base of plane, TE just 1mm, and horizontal stab set at 0-0 just behind it. I know this works - many people in this forum have shown it works, but there's no doubt about it that this will create variable trim as the plane's speed changes. A slightly forward CG counteracts this trim and gives everyone that warm fuzzy feeling of stability... until they roll inverted.

I adjusted the wing incidence to be 0-0 with the horizontal stab - i.e. raised the trailing edge on both wings until LE and TE were at the same "height" from the bottom of the fuselage. Now there would be no inherent down-force from the tail, so I opted for a more aft CG, starting at 70mm (I can sense you all cringing right now - relax!).

Everything else was pretty-much as per the Carl Tulenko build (that really helped a lot, especially for the fan assembly). However, with retracts planned I dropped...Continue Reading