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Hello guys, after the two previous video: now the build review of this EVO converted Top-Force


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Following to my previous video, we will make the full list of all needed parts to convert a Top-Force in a Top-Force Evolution

List of needed parts:
- Ball bearing set
- Tamiya Carbon conversion set 47426
- Tamiya High Capacity Hydraulic damper set 47358
- Tamiya Torque Splitter 53071
- Tamiya Aluminium pressure plates 53219
- Tamiya Aluminium King Pins 53157
- Tamiya stainless steel suspension shaft set 53098
- Tamiya Pin Wheel adapter 53056 / or equivalent form another supplier

Other upgrades available from other suppliers: RCDamper on ebay for me
- Aluminium knuckles
- Aluminium spindles
- Aluminium suspension arms (Only for the look, no performance improvement)
- Aluminium bulk
- Aluminium steering set
- Aluminium motor mount

For using current tyres diameter: Tamiya DF-03 wheels or equivalent from another supplier

Anti-Roll Bar kit for TA-02 Tamiya chassis compatible with the rear train: 53189


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Hello Guys,

I have done this little video about my new Tamiya Top Force model bought, one of the best Tamiya offroad model ever.

We do a review of the Top Force genesis since the very first Manta-Ray Prototype to the Top Force Evolution. After that a full unboxing is done.

It is the first video from a little series on this Top Force


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Tamiya TT02 - Touring Conversion Stage 2 - How to gear it? (2 min 10 sec)

Next Step in the Touring conversion of my Subaru Impreza WRC99 Limited Edition:

How to improve the transmission of a Tamiya TT02 and how to modify the gearing.

What do you need:
- TAMIYA 54500 High Speed Gear Set, come with a 68T Spur
- TAMIYA 51356 TB-03 06 Spur Gear 64T
- Yeah Racing Adjustable motor mount: TT02-013BU

For central shaft reliability improvement:
- TAMIYA 54502 or Yeah Racing TT02-016BU
- TAMIYA 54501 or Yeah Racing TT02-014BU

Available pinions: TAMIYA pinions use a 0.6 module
- 19T provided by Tamiya in TT02 kit
- 22T provided by Tamiya in TT02 kit: total gear ratio of 8.3

New pinions bought:
- 25T
- 27T
- 29T: choosen for my circuit with a total gear ratio of 5.7 => good for 13.5t or 10.5t blinky race

Remark: in a previous modification, i've put aluminium Swing shaft at the front.
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Tamiya TT02 - Track conversion

Tamiya TT02 - Track Conversion Stage 1 - BMW M410 Bittydesign - GIT2 (2 min 26 sec)

Posted by Rowhider | Aug 18, 2016 @ 02:20 AM | 3,886 Views

Hereafter, the maiden run of my very rare and exclusive Ferrari 330P4 from Yankee-Legend at the fourth scale. This car has been the developpement car of the Yankee factory team during 90's and is equiped by exclusive parts.

This car is powered by a 8S brushless system:
LIPO Batteries: 2x 4S VANT 7600mhA - 70C

Total weight in run: 11.9 kg

For this very first run, power is limited to 70% and top-speed to about 50km/h.

This video has been filmed with my GIT2 with stab activated in 1080P/60FPS. For low frequencies vibrations, the stab is not very efficient but very impressive for high frequencies.
I tried to put this cam on my "truescale" car: just perfect!

Yankee Legend - Ferrari 330P4 - Large scale Brushless RC Model - Gitup Git2 (3 min 1 sec)

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Tamiya TT02 - Subaru Impreza WRC99 - Limited Edition: First rally test (1 min 27 sec)

This very first session has been performed with Torque Tuned Power limited to 50% at the start, to 70% at the end.

Hydraulic dampers are really missing, the car is moving a lot. Hop-Up dampers will improve that.
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Hi !

I received an Action Cam with for main purpose to be used on my RC models: it’s a GIT2 Pro from GitUp

You just have to know that the difference between the GIT2 and GIT2Pro concerns the provided fastening solutions.

The cam weight 64g and measure 59mm x 40mm x 30mm

The beast own exactly the same dimensions than a Hero 3 from GoPro, so compatible with all Gopro family accessories.

Regarding its main characteristics, we have: a 16M sensor supplied by Sony

These very interesting video recording modes :

4K Interpolated 24fps
1440P en 30fps
1080P en 60fps
720P en 120fps

High recording speeds will ensure a good fluidity of movies for our very fast RC models but equally to perform beautiful slow motions.

Other very interesting characteristics :
- An external microphone plug via micro USB, a good way to avoid the main issue of sports cam : the sound quality !
- An optical stabilization: one of the most efficient available on action cameras

The box just after opening : the cam is put in a foam block, very well protected.

Provided accessories with the « Pro » package of the Git2

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Last week-end was not only the VHRC Trophy session but the Large Scale 1/4 Formula 1 demo too

These cars are always very impressive to look on asphalt, more when the wether is not perfect: rain came just when F1 came out of pits

This year, a very impressive prototype of Brushless F1 with the same combo ESC/Motor than my Ferrari 330P4.
This car is just astonishing, with a top speed estimated to 110km/h and so much acceleration than rear tires turned to balloons!

Yankee McLaren F1 Brushless by Rowhider, sur Flickr

Yankee McLaren F1 Brushless by Rowhider, sur Flickr

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Last week-end, was the Saint Affrique session of the VHRC 1/4 Large scale trophy with a lot of nice battle with these such beautiful cars.

Yankee BMW 1/4 by Rowhider, sur Flickr

Yankee Mercedes Class C by Rowhider, sur Flickr

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TAMIYA M06 - ALPINE RENAULT A110 1600S - 1000 Lakes Rally (1 min 16 sec)

Hello, a little movie inspired by the famous 1000 Lakes Rally
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Hello !

It is with great emotion and after a few twists that I present my first Yankee and not the most insignificant

This is a beautiful Ferrari 330P4 Team factory, former Bruno Alliot (ex Yankee boss)

This car driven by Bruno Alliot, was offered by the former boss of Yankee to a friend, boss of a company who helped to revive the brand.

That person who retires and who unfortunately for Yankee legend, ceased activity recently, decided to sell this car with regrets. This Ferrari has adorned his office and one of its meeting rooms for few years.

It is a rather special car for the brand, I am very proud to have inherited.

Ferrari 330P4 Yankee 1/4 by Rowhider, sur Flickr
Side by side with my Tamiya Alpine A110

Ferrari 330P4 Yankee 1/4 by Rowhider, sur Flickr

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TAMIYA M06 - ALPINE A110 1600S GROUP 4 1971 (1 min 42 sec)

A movie of my beautiful Alpine 110 from tamiya, this model at the true scale is simply astonishing!

Alpine has been Rally International car manufacturer winner in 1971 (old WRC) with this A110 1600S Gr4 and the very first WRC winner in 1973 with the Alpine A110 1800Gr4