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Ok ... the gallery is closed ... and the blogs are open. Question: where do we store images to be used in threads/blogs. I'm not talking about attaching images as thumbnails which is still possible. I'm talking about inserting a link to an image in the gallery.

How can I do this if I now have nowhere to store the images (gallery is off-limits to new uploads) and Blog only allows attachments (as far as I can tell).

I know ... I can store the images anywhere on the internet that can be accessed via a URL. Well ... the images in the now defunct gallery have URLs too.

As far as I'm concerned RC groups took a step backwards by removing the gallery as a storage and URL reference for images.

Good-bye RCGROUPs
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First off, I'd like to agree with everyone who misses the old gallery. It's still there, and you can access it HERE but you can't add any photos to it anymore. Your stuff should still be there, including the videos. It's not clear what's going to happen to it, but the last I heard was that they've trying to figure out how to combine it with the Video/Blog format.

This blog thingy does have potential. I read about 10-15 blogs regularly in the current events/world affairs area, and it is a constant source of information/entertainment. It also encourages readers (and writers) to waste time, but it can be fun.

To that end, here's what I did today: I have not twiddled the sticks of my radio for about a week (or so it seems), and today was about the last time I would be able to get to it for at least several days. A severe weather system is moving into the SF Bay Area, and with it, lots of wind and rain. The wind around noon was gusting to 40MPH plus, and that meant that I wasn't going to be able to put anything light up. Also, I didn't want to put up an AP ship, because taking pictures in the wind can result in plane and camera damage, and the likelyhood of non-blurred pictures is extremely small. See my New Years Day pictures HERE

So, that left the gliders - The Three Meter SPF117 would be flying backwards in this wind, and the Fling would likely be blown back to the next county. That meant that my ancient DAW P-51 foamy was my only hope. I realized...Continue Reading
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I have successfully modified a B-29 ARF and a foam toss glider into fun RC projects that fly quite well. The appeal here is not necessarily to save money, though that is fun too, but to have something different that shows your creativity and inovation. When it really works well, there is extra satisfaction. The B-29 costs $39 and the AF Glider costs $8.50. Of course the radio and motor, driver etc, costs many times more. Once you have this stuff you can install it in several projects and swap it around. The main thing for me, is that I usually have the only one of its kind at the flying field. Check all my posts for the complete story on both models.

My latest mod is for the Estes VIP Airliner #4120. This one has the best performance of all. It is also the easiest to do. It is available from JC Penney for $69.95 online. Best performance is had by replacing the fans with EDF 55s from Tower hobby for about $12 each. Spread Spectrum is best choice for radio.
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So this is what happened to the gallery eh?
I kinda liked the old layout, and my movies are all gone.
oh well.
I guess I now post my pics/videos here?

And you can order the KA27 here,
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I had a little more luck with the Sliver prototype today, but still brought it home in pieces.

Last night I had checked the weather forecast and was surprised to see only 3-4mph winds predicted all day. That meant I could sleep in a little bit instead of heading out early before the winds kicked up.

First to fly was the MiG-25 which I had shelved for a while, mainly to use the receiver in something else. I had modified the fuselage internals a little bit to move the battery back, and added a short exhaust duct.

It flew just like I remembered from last year, very smooth with a great climb rate. Rolls with the tailerons were positive but a little on the slow side. Speed didn't seem any higher with the thrust tube; I think the big intakes are pretty draggy.

This model was built from 2mm depron and the whole thing resonates like mad at full throttle. Box section fuselages really amplify fan noise - can't say that I like it. I need to spend some time thinking of ways to cut down the howling - rubber fan mounts, or maybe earplugs.

Flight time was 6-7 minutes with the 730 mAh pack; it was cold out so I hit the low volatge cutoff a few times until the pack warmed up.

I noticed a Sikorsky S-58 crawling along in the distance, but didn't get a good look because the battery finally tapered off and it was time to set up a landing.

Next up was the Sliver. I throttled up to 60% and gave it a good throw at about 45 degrees. Imagine my surprise when it shot off...Continue Reading
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I just finished my latest design project, a Kawasaki KI-61.
The aircraft is all balsa with the following specs:

Wingspan 34"
Length 25"
Weight rtf ~20.5 oz
wing area 165 sq in
wing loading 17.5 oz
recommended motor AXI-2212/20 or Mega 16/15/6
recommended battery 3s 2100 Lipo

...Continue Reading
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Then this model got the right name - FunJET from Multiplex.

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Today I drove to Dallas and back. Well over 500 miles total. Why? Well my wife's baby and my youngest son is an aspiring actor and he had an audition he needed to be at.

As I was planning my route I had the brilliant thought (well, I had a thought anyway) to look up Dallas hobby shops and try find one close by. The one closest to the audition was Mike's Hobby Shop. I haven't been to any in several years but I some of them from the past. I knew this one was pretty well stocked and the web site said it was in a new, bigger location. So Mike's was put on the list to visit.

On the way I decided to stop in Waco to stretch my legs. I hooked it out to the Lake Waco flying site. I knew things had changed but I did not know by how much. What used to be a public access site was now gated (and locked on this cool day). This certainly has plusses for the club but it's also sad in a way. (I do remember being at events there where they had trouble keeping the general public out of the pits because they had a belief they could go anywhere they wanted at a public facility.) Traffic moved faster than I thought it would so I kicked myself for not looking up directions for Max Blose's shop.

After the boy's audition we drove the 10 additional miles north to Mike's. I'll diverge here to discuss the shortcoming of mapping iprograms like MapQuest. If you have the time, or inclination, you should double check the route with a competitive program. Today MapQuest had me exit and do a U-...Continue Reading
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Info on my planes can be found here
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more bling
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I never thought I would ever get a heli. as it turns out these became available around the same time that I got a decent Christmas bonus at work. I decided to give it a try. I bought the heli at a local hobby shop along with a few extras. I got a second battery, replacement upper and lower blades and the "training wheels".
I've never flown a heli before and had no assistance other than reading the forums.
The first few flights were just small hops off my basement floor. I soon learned how to adjust all the trims to maintain a fairly still hover. I was having problems with orientation on my first few flights. I was always flying with the tail pointed towards me and concentrating on what the tail was doing, it seemed kinda awkward especially when the tail would start to drift one way or the other. I was always moving the left stick the wrong way to compensate. Suddenly it dawned on me that the left sticks movements matched what the NOSE of the heli was doing, suddenly it made sense! Move the left stick right to pivot the nose to the right and vise versa. From then on I got a lot better but was limited by my small area and low ceiling. I did 1 modification which was to open up the 4-n-1 case and cut a small hole in the canopy to allow air in. The "rudder drifting" issues remained but were a lot less than before. The theory (at least according to the writer here than appear nuch wiser than me in the area of heli's) was that the heat from the...Continue Reading
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Flaperon Servo Picture

Here's a blurry pic of the dual servo setup for flaperons/spoilerons on the GWS A10.

As far as I have read, Flaperons and Spoilerons are the same thing: just up or down.

Does anyone have any experience with these? Should they be up or down for landing and what kind of elevator compensation is used?

Never used em before.
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My bad...
I just write that one should check everything and then I go out and fly and didn't properly secure the battery. Only a little velcro was touching where I had put the battery to get the COG right. I put some hunks of foam in there to kind of help out. wasn't enough. I was doing some pretty wild gyrations up a couple hundred feet and I see something white pop off the plane. I knew it was the canopy....then I see something black fall out...what?..... Its starts swinging and as I'm having difficulty controlling the plane I realize its the battery hanging by the wire. I really had to hang in there with the CG an inch aft at best and the battery swinging all around. Gotta get it under control and down before the wire lets go! Made it! I commend the soldering job done by and multiplex and the fit of the Ultra Dean's connectors.
I didn't check and think hard enough. Although I am kind of proud of getting it down in one piece.
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The first flights of my Sliver prototype this morning went poorly - about 5 seconds of flying and a rough landing that broke the tail off.

This model was meant for an EDF-40 ducted fan with 12mm brushless motor, but I discovered in the middle of building it that it wasn't going to balance properly. The fan was too far forward and the intake "ramp" on the underside precluded moving the battery back.

My solution was to finish the build, but convert it to a pusher configuration with a brushed motor way out back. I figured that I might was well see how it handled in the air before redesigning. I have a big heap of GWS CNC-12 motors that I've removed from EDF units that got brushless motors, and it was good to finally get some use out of one.

Everything balanced fine with a 2S 730mAh pack, flying weight was 3.5oz. The graphics were done with adhesive backed vinyl sign film. I bought this stuff a while ago and finally go around to using it with this model. It's much easier than painting and masking, but seems a little on the heavy side for a small model like this. Weight gain from the vinyl was 0.1oz.

Temperature this morning was 20 degrees with light wind so after arriving at my flying field I hooked up the battery and tested everything in the car, then dashed outside for a quick test flight.

First flight showed the model to be very tail heavy and yawing to the left, probably from prop torque. I moved the battery forward and the second flight was...Continue Reading