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Posted by tblount70 | Dec 07, 2020 @ 06:04 PM | 5,231 Views
Quite some time ago, rspiegel posted a wanted thread looking for a WingE. For those interested, I'm posting here scans of the plan and of the laser cut sheets. It will take a bit of effort to print and piece these together. At least the raw data is captured here for posterity.

I've not seen Todd Long on rcg for a very long time. Those in the know will recall that he stopped kitting his designs after another company plagiarized one of them. While it feels like I'm kinda cheating in the same way by posting this material, I would like to think enough time has passed that Todd wouldn't mind.

To me, the WingE was significant. It was the first electric model that I felt demonstrated the ability to replace glow planes. I don't fly fast models, and I don't fly heavy ones. But I also don't like having to stay in if there's a mild breeze. The GWS Slow Stick filled got me in the air with electrics but felt like a toy and really could not be flown in any kind of breeze. The WingE was light, efficient, and could stand a bit of a breeze. Even on GWS brushed power, it was a nice plane to fly.

Thanks Todd for a great design!