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Posted by katoace | May 27, 2014 @ 10:57 PM | 8,923 Views
So i've been fly'n 90 degree f/b helis for years. A good fp works well for me, seeing how i care little for 3D flight. If a real world heli can't do it, then i don't much care for it. I flew a few early fbl f/p's a couple of years ago and just wasn't impressed with the programming of early generation 3 axis gyros. They just never seemed to bank as naturally as my 90 degree f/b'd f/p's. Which is why i was so glad Hisky came out with its latest line of fbl f/ps. They bank as well as my f/b'd helis and are very stable. Very impressed with both the Hfp80 and the 100. Great birds that both fly great.......But if you tweek them they fly like a dream................More to come soon......................... click title for up-dates/pix/vids
Posted by katoace | May 14, 2014 @ 11:33 PM | 9,269 Views
Various pix of my honey bee's. Even with a few new fbl micros i now fly, my camo'd-out killer-bee is still my favorite heli. It's bell-hiller head and a few other choice mods(all on the cheap)= a very stable yet also very responsive(comparable to anything fbl f/p) fun-machine. Fast and agile....Can be flown in places where a comparable sized c/p would be down right dangerous and costly to operate. Even comes with optional on-board gi-joe pilot(yes he rides up-front with no problems, 3rd pic). Will do an extensive write-up of any mods upon request(Eh, on second thought, just check this out)https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...postcount=1257 ...........Kato
Posted by katoace | Feb 01, 2011 @ 11:05 AM | 9,175 Views
Hey folks. Been on here for a couple of years and this is my 1st blog entry. Eh....not much to say......Here's my lama in various flight configurations......the LAMA REBEL(radically enhanced blades for a more efficient use of lift) E/S(enhanced stability)...
LAMA V4 REBEL (ES) (4 min 48 sec)
.....This config is for indoor, room to room flying. It resists wall suckage(), and rotor wash. It's faster, more maneuverable, with more stability than stock...Here's the original design...The Lama E/S....
LAMA V4(ES).wmv (2 min 14 sec)
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