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Looked over the Motor Box and since I needed some tiny weight up front to make Center-Of-Gravity thing perfect, I decided to re-enforce the Motor Box and provide additional cradle for the battery.

My main goals is to keep the battery from coming in contact with the motor securing bolts as I do not want a FIRE should the model comes down slightly nose first. I am going to place additional vertical Bass Wood planks in front of the 12 X 12mm solid wood posts as shown in the pictures. The Bass Wood planks will have some medium hardness foam glued to the vertical planks so, there be cushion and absorption of any possible impact going forward.

Here I am doing two things, re-enforcing the Motor Box and providing a method of keeping the battery pack from being damaged.

I am horrified as to how many 3D models are built this manner and no one seems to take the time to do this and protect the battery from the attaching motor bolts, in case of a slight impact.

Okay, more pictures!...Continue Reading
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This is my old account, so cluttered i cant find anything anymore, so I've started a new one.
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Most of the major parts are prinTED !
Now comes the assembly part of the project .
As mentioned previously I am starting the assembly from the beehive end of the plane and working my way forward .
The last part of the assembly will be the forward fuselage section .
Motor needs to be fitted
And work out that CG .
Also need to see about Thrust .. I have one motor thats big enough ( heavy for CG ) and hopefully make some power .

Weight ... 250 grams so far .. ( prinTED parts )

Those joins are going to be weak spots , do I need to do something *ugly ( functional but ugly ) like maybe some fibreglass reinforcement ?
Section 4 glued to section 3 was a real slop fit .. Needed a large rubber band to keep it together long enough for the cyno to dry . Not confidence building !
Maybe drill a hole and fit a carbon rod thru the fuse to hold it together like a pin ?

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In the early 1980ís the Hobie Hawk RC Glider tooling was purchased by Bob and Katie Martin of Bob Martin RC Models. Sometime after purchasing my first Hobie Hawk, made by BMRCM, I found that the styrofoam box, used for shipping and carrying the glider, squeaked tremendously while transporting it to and from the flying field. To lessen the noise and protect the styrofoam box, I designed and sewed a carrying case and a transmitter bag for my personal use. After showing them to Bob and Katie, they contracted me to produce bags for them to sell as Bob Martin RC Models accessories. I produced the bags for them, until the Hobie Hawk tooling was sold to Ross Models.
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Just having some fun flying this big big plane:
Dynam Smoove 63" F3A Pattern Plane - Dave Takes it for a Spin (13 min 1 sec)

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Hello good people!

Lord have mercy! I purchased this used ARF Airframe almost 2 years ago!

It just been hanging around my Master Bedroom as a static model, well no more!

Back in September 2018, I was lucky to pickup one of these ARF 360 3D, 51.2 Inch wing span model.

Our Michael Wargo can attest, I am NOT a 3D flyer and more like a pattern, sport RC Airplane Flyer (relax) and do not get into any serious discussion of specific maneuvers etc...etc.....

For me, it was the right size and weight category to use light, yet powerful Outrunner brushless motor since I like to keep all of my 3D models as light as possible. I have heavier RC models such as flying my Scale Hangar9 F4-1D Corsair 50-size Electric at 7.7lbs. and well that's an entirely different topic. (See my Avatar Picture).

Okay, here's my setup::

Power System:
- Exceed-RC's Monster Power Series - Monster Power 25 (63M52)

Kv: 870Kv ; Input Watts: 550W
Resistance: .03 ohms; Idle Current: 2.40A
Continuous Current: 32A; Max Burst Current: 44A
Cells Ni-Cd/Ni-MH: 10-14; Cells Li-Po: 3-4
Weight: 6.0 oz (170g); Overall Diameter: 1.4 in (35mm)
Shaft Diameter: 4mm; Overall Length: 48mm

ESC: E-Flite 40-AMP Lite Pro (V2).

I have pretty much have Hitec HS-85MG for Elevator & HS-85BB for rudder plus HS-82BB+ for the ailerons.

Propeller to start will be a wooden Master Airscrew 10 X 6

Battery to start will be the GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2600mAH, 45C, Lithium Polymer pack (new).

Dual Rates to my liking and followed the setups from another model in conservative values to start.

The Receiver is the Spektrum AR8000 + SAT.

It all started over here!

It will be until Monday as Central Florida is getting lots of rain and thunder storms, I guess we are in Summer!
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To viewers, August 1 2020 will be Keystone remote control clubs FIFTH contest of flying CLOUD TRAMPS. Located on Forman rd. Souderton Pa. Liftoff is HIGH NOON. Last plane flying wins Large cash prize. second and third win cash but not as much. Partially sponsored by the lengendary BOB KOPSKI,also MIKE CROSS.[he designed the updated laser cut 3d printed version] I Donated balsa and rubber. after flights will be a mass lunch.YUM. Practice sessions are takeing place almost every night. To date this event has rivaled our January first FROSTY FINGERS FLY for participants.It is worth mentioning last years winners plane flew for for more time and altitude than ever imaginable. Resulting in severe cramps to our necks and eyeballs. The landing was known to only the dwellers of a land far far away. This years event is gearing up to succeed that recording setting flight. If you dont come and witness this spectacular amount of sun eclipsing Rubber band powered Cloud Tramps for yourself than you will just have to read about it in the newspapers GONNA BE BIG. this event is open to all comers. field closed to normal rc flying. leave those at home. ps all cloud tramps most be STOCK CONFIGURATION. Balsa stock or so prop rubber and winds unlimited. Hint, bring binoculars. See ya there. CRaig
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Review Part 4 - MinimumRC Micro Spitfire Warbird BNF Kit Test Flights, Review Conclusion, & Setup

MinimumRC Planes:

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

I love these Micro / Nano Planes from MinimumRC!
This is the third Plane from MinimumRC I have reviewed thus far and this BNF Kit is courtesy of MinimumRC.
These Planes are so small and light they make great Planes for flying outdoors in smaller areas and for flying indoors during the Winter or when the weather won't permit flying outdoors.
I think MinimumRC is doing some very good things in the design of these Planes and they also have a great inventory of electronics for your own Micro / Nano Plane projects.
The Builds are pretty simple and the downloadable Build Manual really makes it easy.
If you've never checked out MinimumRC you should take a look @

This is the final video in the Review of the MinimumRC Micro Spitfire!
I wanted to get in a couple more flights on this Plane and then give you my Conclusion and Setup for a Successful Maiden Flight ;-)

Here is a link to the PDF File with the Setup I used for this Micro Spitfire:

Here is a link to the Playlist for the MinimumRC Spitfire

Here is a link to the Playlist for the...Continue Reading
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Halloa people

so this new frame from Karearea popped up on a bit more then a week ago, I instantly liked it's looks
But it's also very different as it an injection molded plastick frame..

Link to it: Karearea Talon V2 SVX210 frame

And here is my take on it:

Karearea Injection Molded 5" FPV Frame? :O The Talon V2 SVX 210 FRAME REVIEW (16 min 50 sec)

Don't hesitate to share your oppinion and or experiences with the frame!

type: Basher / Funflier / Clubracer
wheelbase: 210 mm
Left-to-Right: 135 mm
Front-to-Back: 165 mm
base thickness: varies A LOT
weight: 109 grams
material(s): Plastick with 2 metal standoffs
chamfered edges: very much so
clean: 100%
buzzer: nope
LED board: nope
battery strap: yes 2x
battery anti-skid pad: yes
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Foam Concept Jets has a PDF plan.
Foamboard/EDF (70mm). Not perfect scale
representation.... but it flies OK.

I used the plan but modified it slightly.
I retained elevons only, but changed
their shape. It will fly better if you
change to a more perpendicular
hinge line (across the wingtip),
and use their dihedral, as shown.

Their PDF was a good starting point,
and the CG is good as shown on
that PDF.

Fun project. Changed to 47”L x 44”W,
80mm, 6s. Arm launch, belly land.
Simple, cheap, and fun, but foam
board just doesn’t last long enough!

As you can imagine, a large flight
envelope doesn't exist. Best to stay
at, or near 'military power', use shallow
banks, and don't forget to add about
3/8"+ reflex at arm launch, then trim
some out on first pass.

Keep your airspeed up in shallow,
level banks or the nose will drop
fast under the horizon.

What else.... I gave this F117 a 'Nascar
fan/ pace car' paint job... 75 feet,
at 75 MPH detail. Dull black hides
the modified hinge line, dihedral,
and 30% wider body. This is definitely
not 'scale'... funny, I get more comments
at the field about this plane than
anything else.

Planning another larger F117.
Only change will be using
an EDF (or two) with more blades
for better sound than the
Delta-V 32 80mm fan.

Have fun.

F117 VVP (1 min 30 sec)

F117 VVP (1 min 30 sec)
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Some action shots of me flying my 95" 3DHS Extra during last autumn (2019) against some dark clouds. Typically these photos are rare finds as you just can't take pics of yourself flying .

Thanks Kevin Rowland for the photos!
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Spirit 600 Maiden (5 min 11 sec)

Spirit 600mm Wing maiden = My 120 gram ( Wet ) model , been on the wall how long ? At last took it out for its maiden . ( Fantastic )

1306 Motor
450 2s battery
5g servos
5030 gemfan
120 grams flying weight .

PrinTED Wing 01 for that 3D printed plane .. Wow , took a long time to print , and the weight ? Those wing panels are stiff and strong and HEAVY .
Oh boy ! , no wonder this plane comes in close to half a kilo flying weight ?
Printing Wing 02 at the moment .
Honestly , this plane needs to go on a diet . ( It is going to be a HUGE PORK Chop )

Panels weigh ! 42.5 grams and 42.9 grams for 85.4 grams in total for a partial wing .
Still have panels 02 - 03 and 04 to do ...
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have a ace dual throttle comander radio 75 mgz looking for a75 mgz 7 channel receiver or crystals john eskow
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I really like this model especially on floats! Enjoy

▼Get Your E-flite Twin Otter 1.2m BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE Select here▼

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Testing UV-C disinfection robot. The robot is equipped with 2 cameras (wifi and fpv) and remote control.
A separate switch on the RC is used to turn on and off of UV rays. The prototype is currently being tested and improved.

UV-Disinfection Robot (1 min 45 sec)

If you would like to see my other projects just visit:
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I am mostly interested in building and flying discuss-launched gliders. I am just recently returning to RC planes after a long (many years) break. In my younger years, I flew large RC gliders using high-starts or winches. My favorite back in those days was a Sailaire which had a 12.5 foot wingspan.

Currently I have a Dream-Flite Libelle and a rough, ugly DLG that I play around with and call "Ugly Bird". I'm also building a (hopefully) much better DLG from an old short kit. The Ugly Bird has (poorly) vacuum bagged wings based on AG04 airfoils and uses a carbon shaft and rod along with a model rocket nose-cone and tube as the fuselage. It is ugly, but, it flies a bit better than the Libelle.
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So for today's "Friday Flashback", we have John Morgan's super cool I-16 Rata in the mean skies over SEFF, 2017 :
Polikarpov I-16 Rata - FRIDAY FLASHBACK! The Little Hot Rod; SEFF 2017 (6 min 36 sec)

Enjoy my friends, and all the best !
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Working on the KMX setup--mostly dialing in weights and expo:
PA Katana MX [KMX] Tuning Flight Precision Aerobatics (17 min 25 sec)