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Posted by Nominalflap | Jul 01, 2018 @ 05:32 AM | 3,248 Views
Well its mid 2018, but see skipped all of 2017, might say I was a bust. Everyone out flying around for the big 4th weekend, but I'm not up for travel or loud noizy crowds. Seems like two years I've been in slow moton, crawl or walk no running.
- The last 2 weeks of 2016 had hernia surgery. The prep-paper said I'd be able to shower in 2 days...ah yeah right, if don't pick up anything like shampo or try to scrub your back. Didn't say anything about better have Everything on counter-top cause for next four weeks anything over eye-level you're not gonna be grabbing. When taking grocries out of car and that gallon jug of milk says use both hands, the idea of twisting and sqeezing a fussy glue bottle to fix a plane just don't fly. .... But this a blog about - what DID fly for Nom in 2017 so here goes:

a. Milk-Jug nosed J3: I did a test roll in driveway snow 2017-01-02. It flew few times in 2016 with Emax 2805 & 7x5 prop & wheels not skis. Had made skies from Fam$ Re-fill liquid hand soap jug sides. It was a front prop pylon snowplane. Pill bottle mount got shortend move forward bit more & re-blocked. Gave up on the longer Kfg wing with ailerons. My second time out was the 18th, it flew way out in field. It couldn't plow thru snow so was a walk to get it. Lifting legs in crusty snow, yeah that'll twist your waist some... was enough RC fun for then. By March-11th, had turned the pylon around to make it a pusher-prop, but had early melt off of snow,...Continue Reading
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Blog #22.
WS Top 28” /Bottom 24” -both 4” chord. Lgt: 21” Hgt: 9.5”
Motor: Emax CF2805, 1700kv 24g Prop: 7x4?x - 9047 GWS
ESC: HURC 10A, 17.7g Batt: 800mAh 42,5g & 500mAh
3 Servos: HS-55 & ailr Iflt IS500 5g &
RX: AR6115e Maiden: 2016-11-05
AUW: Chgd
Bottle Motor Mount Makes it a Swappy to $TF-22, P-38Funsair, Blu-Ft Pusher, & MilkJug J3

I like it when a build leads me to read more about aviation. With the weather turning rainy & cold, gave time to read. This turned more into a “what do I know about biplane plus what planes were near my old AF Squad in WWI?
- This was a problem as they got to France by Oct 1917, then at Issoudum Aerodrome became a Aero Construction Squad--- the 462th. They erected plenty French Bessonneau hangars. An ex-cmdr Lt Scroggie transferred to the 94th prior December, so he might have flown N.28 but most AEF flew SPADS.

- 1 May 1918 The squad help build up Combat airfields for the St Mihel Offensive.
Fields near Delouze- Rosieres, & Ourches which were home to 1st Day Bomber (11, 20, & 100AS) So bigger bipes; Breguet 14B or DH4s rather than just pursuits possible builds.
- In June 1918 they were at Beuvardelle (Bulainville), near Blerancourt. That now has a French-American Museum for the battles near. http:/...Continue Reading
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Blog #21.
Wing: (same built Nov 2013) WS 48”, Chord 6 3/4”
Length/Width/Hgt: 28”/ 1.5”/ 6.5”
Batt: 800mah & 500mah ESC: 10A Motor: Emax 2805, RX: AR6115e
2 Servos: 9gm Align Blue-L, & DS420 on R. Push-rods .47 wire somewhere near 51cm.
Prop: GWS Orange clipped 0847 to 7”.

This is a project that I just kept going back to try again, and now its flying. Think can see that its not the same as Beagle/Bandit but close in idea.
- The germ of this came back when flying my Slow-stick. I made 3cm squares that could slide onto stick to lock down the wing mounts/servos..other items, could use zip-tie around if that wouldn’t hold. Like better than drilling a hole for a screw. Flip-flop foam cuts fairly easy in straight line. (This plane has a block on dowel at Stab LE /Tail fin.) Then I started cutting out blocks to hold the battery down on stick and other planes…just got into using stuff were needed a bit of give.
- Blk-ft had almost full XLarge flop, DW has half a Med. My Funsair fuse is flip-flops --and they fly nice. Always had idea if could just skip $T foam.

If I had it to do over might change some things: I’d slant cut the baby pylon flop to get same length but lighter. The inside of pylon flop is about hollowed out as tried to fit wires & ESC for ST400, if was solid could cut half away. Also think putting a pop-stick inside might make more stable. Maybe servo forward more but pop-stick birdcage for LE wing mount & batt slot keeps where put.
- The TE skewer wing-mount tends to wear out its hole. Might need ink-pen tube, something that glues in better. My battery & ESC wires join up right inside the birdcage..not so easy to connect until practice a few times.
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Blog #20
It’s the end of the summer here and looks like I haven’t updated since last posted about first flights of year with Snowball and when snow melted at end of April. It’s been two days of pouring down rain here…so why not. All planes got new Name Labels with AMA & FAA #s.

a. #14- Snowball. Flew few more times in May then parked to preserve bottom of skis. Took servo tray off it for other projects.

b. #18 $T F-22. There were a few days in March where snow had melted and this was 2nd plane up for 2016. 3-29-16 Tried ST400 BL motor & 1200mAh batt setup. That was too heavy and basically did a 10ft slow fly down to ground. New better than to try to turn, and if had pulled any more up it would’ve stalled. By 4-17-16 had revamped wire holes thru fuse and put on new Velcro for the Emax 2805, 800mAh, 10A ESC setup. Few other flights, then 6-16-2016 took it out about 7pm was a slight breeze every half min. Got good circle, then 2nd round the breeze dipped on turn and went into pine tree. That broke off fuse/nose where put wire holes, and dented up the “intake” wing area. Did repair shop. Found that the push-rod guides also had pulled out. Had it out in few days, BUT. On plugging in the AUX servo forgot that my AR6115e RX has dark wires up at letters. It did a nice climb and once tried a turn just spiral lawn darted down. Nose broke off again, more of LE of wing dented up. Had it ready to go 2016-7-04 with old...Continue Reading
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-The idea of making YarSmythe’s Funder has popped in mind a few times.
In past always lean towards making it a pusher. How to get prop clearance and good gear on grass always the problem. This ones turned more into a Vought V-141 or Corsair like pod made from my favorite foam material--$1 flip-flops. Had ideas of different round nose planes. If get some servo extensions could gull them wings--maybe if I bust them.
-- Projects planned for the XLG flop included drawing up a 30”WS P-66. The XLG flop was only 3” wide so that made wing chord 6” and with tapper down to 3” at tip just didn’t think had enough WA. Maybe I’ll try it as a BT-13. But then plan turned into a 20.5” WS IL-16 of foam plates just to try some different building material. Digging for supplies find them Eflt P-47 wheels, get idea to cut down booms I’d made for Slow-stick. Lets turn those into a YP-38 like thing.*
- Too mess more with building ideas; got a msg from 20something nephew about the OS-Wing & Raptors. Told him that I didn’t think were good “starters” plus needs radio with the elevon mix. So into the --“What’s good beginner…” -- I say can’t loose with HZ UM Champ. Nope--Don’t like that dinky thing…what about the UMX B-17G! Yeah, start with 4 props to bust & worry if all motors pulling same. Then the HZ Duet..but I try explaining idea of a step-up plane..not proportional speed to turn. He steps right up to idea of he’ll...Continue Reading
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Nom’s $TF-22 SPECS (Same as NOS-Wing):
Prop: Grey APC 7x4
Motor: Emax CF2805, 1700kv 24g
ESC: HURC 10A, 12.7g
Batt: DBY 2s Lipo7.4v 800 mAh 42.5g
RX: “Backwards” AR6115e
Servos: iFlight is500 Ultra Micro, 5g
WS:75cm 29.5” Lgt: 87/34.5”
--, AUW: ??

Cost: Motor: $10.95, ESC: $11.95, Batt: $ 7.50, 2xServos: $7, $2-2 $T sheets, blu-foam=trash,
Prop: APC 7x4e: $2.12, RX AR6115e: now $20 (sub w/? Pwr-up RD610? =$9.95)
Total = $49.47 (cheaper than a UM brick)
Using DX6i in Delta Mode (w/same fix did for NOS-Wing)

This started out as FT Flyer/Dart. The LE inlets were FT Delta tails. I couldn’t just let the foam sit around. It’s a slow-flyer, making it a good trainer for that NOS-Wing! I’ve cracked the fuse already trying to do a loop too low. Biggest trouble was if just cleared weeds they’d get tangled up in wires. It seems to sink good and glides down w/o motor on. It can pick up some speed going downwind.

- I didn’t go with the box front from FT:
It’s more just toss together spare parts of foam had handy.
- I used the 24inch_ws_plan PDF of EPP F-22 to get measurements on spreadsheet then scaled up.
- Fuse is Blu-foam rest is $T not EPP, but that thread has older Emax 2805 with plenty different kv’s.

- Lots other using $T foam but mines not doubled up like Pst#1108 globalarray, Pst# 5841 Steve0, Pst#6016 jetpackninja or Pst#6064 Timwhoa…

-Didn’t see these plans till mine was built: Pst#257 heavyft on restie thread:
Guess I’d follow this one if made again w/new foam.

- No dual function like page 30 Pst#450 DoctorAudio Oct 10, 2007. but he made WS 22” an used only 1300kv Emax CF2805 motor w/ 6x5.5 APC prop, then change motor but use 2s batt..well then maybe mine will have some play room.
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Nom’s OS-Wing SPECS:

WS: 30” flat, between wing-tips 34”,
Chord: Center to motor mount 8, to prop notch 9.5 “
-- tappers to 4” at Tips (w/Elevon) 7”

Prop: Grey APC 7x4
Motor: Emax CF2805, 1700kv 24g
ESC: HURC 10A, 12.7g
Batt: DBY 2s Lipo7.4v 800 mAh 42.5g
RX: “Backwards” AR6115e
Servos: iFlight is500 Ultra Micro, 5g

Blog #17: Ps1 -Intro
Maiden Flights 2015-5-01 doing figure-8s in field a many circles. Did a few minor mods since then, but really like flying this wing. Think was smart to wait and use equipment more like on Springer’s post:

Three days up and dispelling most my fears, Moving batt back a bit got it to fly slower, less nose down & better in wind. It doesn’t have to be a speedo to stay up. Had to figure out how to toss bit to the left, only 15deg up and not gun thrott to get it going. First toss thrott past 3/4th did a 10ft arch up flip and crash behind me. It didn’t just bust apart--but I’ve made nose bumper bigger. Found that prop-saver lets that jump off into TE, so cut out notches. I covered it all in Seal-it tape on 3rd day of flights. Kinda think could’ve used duck tape as covering and it still would’ve flown. I don’t have to be a stick-jocky to turn with Elevons--Big thing was to ensure everything was strapped down inside canopy-esp if doing aerobatics. Test round of crashes the ESC flung around, servo wires on RX came unplugged, and the batt jammed in...Continue Reading
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Blog #16
Prop: Original CMI Silver 180x45cm (7x4)
-- Tried MA 7x6 no speed
Motor: Super Tigre BL 400 - 56.4gm ESC ST20A
Batt: Lipo 7.4v 1200mAh 2s -70gm & 800mAh 2s.
RX: “Backwards” AR6115e -TAE
Servos: 2 Tactic 10gm J3 leftovers
WS: 33.5” under-camered Chord: Center 6” tappers to 4” Tip w/slat 5.5”
Fuse Lgt: 23.6” ext-Floats: 17.5”

Blog #16: Don’t know why CMI calls this a Neoflite T-Bird. Mine should really be called a Phoenix since putting it together after more than 15yrs. Well it’s just the skin of this plane hope to fly. The only original parts still using are wing, fuse-bottle, & main gear wire. If you see something like it on E-bay…stay away!!
It’s a POS from year’s ago that you really can’t update any of the electronics to anything now available.
It looks a bit like a Cessna 177B Cardinal. Has that forward slanted windshield (although it’s just black stickers), wing sits back more than Champ or 182, the stab sits lower but it is a full elevator panel. Then it needs higher gear for prop clearance and I never like wheel skirts since fly off grass. Mine, with its round cowl, looks like bush pilot had to modify it with a Lycoming R-680 motor from Stinson L-1F or Waco S-Cabin to get it up off a lake. --Modelfly has nice 60” glow of C177B on floats with blue trim.
- This is the first airplane I bought that had RC on the box. I got...Continue Reading
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Blog #15.
Pwr Pod Set-up: $T foam/packing tape
Lgt: 37cm Wdt: 4cm Hgt:3cm Tabs at: 10 & 30
- Gear wire: White 8.6g - Gold 7.9g
Prop: APC 7x4, GWS 1047 & 9x6
Prop Saver -MA0750 & O-ring =10.5g
Motor: Super Tigre BL 400 - 56.4gm ( few times ST 370)
--nylon bolts on mount ring.
Batt: Lipo 7.4v 1200mAh 2s -70gm
RX: “Backwards” AR6115e
Servos: two Hitec HS-55 9g

INTRO Blog #15 : Started mentioning FT swappables in my post #5 Snowball last winter--still like flying that Nutball been UP few times this winter! The FT Flyer & Delta I’m gonna abandon as they didn’t become -swappables and that was the appeal to me. Spent last year trying to make them go..and don’t want to spend any more …time to move on to better wings. Figure if post on here I’ll stick to that but hadn’t been sure what to say about these builds.
They weren’t total fails, I got them in air even with limiting to equipment I already had. I got to test some ideas that worked. The very slow flight I got out of them just isn’t what wanted. I would say the Dart was better beginner in mild wind than remember the Slow-stick being.
These Flitetest planes may have taken over where the Slow-sticks was when I joined RCG. That’s good cause gets ya thinking on a plan, cutting, fitting, & fixing till it balances out right. Not trying to decipher broken Chinese or buying more equipment everyone else says...Continue Reading
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This ones getting air-time so, now I have entered the Nutball League.
Started cutting foam on 1-24-2014
First snowbuggie hydroplane hopping --02-10-14
Did some morfing (ain’t that the story?) till it maiden on: 3-18-14
3-20-14 Two short flights on too windy day-playing on ground--slips into tree.
3-23-14 got 3min flt then ran it into billboard-broke prop
3-26-14 Got 7min flt -after got good melt & freeze up of snow
3-31-14 Short circle in wind-then hit flag pole-broke prop
4-02-14 Short hop over snowbank- fly low into twig and spins in-chipped prop
-- I’m beginning to remember why I like pushers.

Current scheme:
Old R/R Soo Line 1800s emblem and front matches their ‘80s red/white diesels, then track at servos. Tail got 87th FIS Red Bulls from K.I. Sawyer plus red roster tail--to match the Star-Line boat floats Joliet & Nicolet. Those are the ones that spit out water on run to the island. Bottom says, “ da U. P. eh” with side views of Mighty Mac Bridge.
-- It’s a flyer. Now working on the Dart & Delta swappables (w/o hot glue or paper) next:

70~gm = 2S 1200mAh Lipo
49.5gm = Super Tigre 370 BL (Mounted on 5cm pill bottle lid)
2.4 gm = Prop GWS 80475, w/O-ring & propsaver E-fly GPMQ4620
(Worked better w/9x6 that busted)
33.2gm =20Amp ST ESC w/Dean
3.8gm = RX: AR6110
Servos (leftovers): Elv = Tactic 10gm w/29 cm rod
Rudd = Align 13gm w/26cm rod-
AUW after 3rd flt: 355gm/12.5oz (guts -181.9)
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Blog #13.
I’m not deterred on blogging another of my long trash builds--even if seems that Big Corsair that never got built is past 400 views and everything else is…only seen when someone’s searching for other things? I actually start out viewing new blogs --to see if any neat builds, get a link on new products, view planes I like even if beyond my buildablity …but rarely view any Quad or FPV videos…slows my PC down.

I started out with the idea of making a replacement for my great flying beat up Froggy. Guess I just like RET Pushers that float around field. This plane can loop and glides much better than the Froggy. The flip-flop foam worked out good for “still a beginner” status. Boinked it off builboard sign, side of house & the van windows. Once it hit the road could’ve rebuilt in a few days but wanted to try with idea of full shoe--that’s what putting up in air now. Easy build, easy flyer--my idea of good trainer. If was anyone up here wanted to fly rather than say would make great clay pigeons. There was no LHS around, so try to come up with just parts from $Tree or any true value place can ace, or whatever could scrounge from regular shopping. Trying to build with less materials now--maybe try one with just the flip-flops?
- The froggy made it to MI from AZ and had it out in lite snowy weather (up in tree 2/05/11) that year. Had almost covered with packing tape, but the nose started flopping too...Continue Reading
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Blog #12.
UM ah er, eh seems like those Ultra Micros took over for few years here. These were mostly leftovers from the Bro who had smaller places to fly down in Dayton. Seems got to wait on just the right day, and then spend lots of time repairing these tiny things IF fly them outside. Wasn’t getting much air time till got the PZ UM T-28 and then put this together as a 3 channel longer wing replacement for the PZ UM J3. Did a complete rebuild so now saying Yellow was Alpha and White/Blue is Beta. As parts go, its easier to rebuild this Cadet than worry on re-mod of the Beasty/Chicken Chief. If did again think make it wide enough for AR6400 T-28 brick. [Difference between Parkzone's different Ultra Micro planes?
UNGN pst#3 3-06-11: The J-3 uses a AR6400 based PKZ3351 3 channel Brick and a 6mm motor (parkzones most powerful 6mm motor). ]

Wish Horizon was smart enough to break up UM & Parkflyers on their product search--then I’m always building my own. Getting tired of UM’s--they don’t fly or build the same as something with yard-stick WS. Might this summer make a good park 36+” copy of this. Got to get to a flying boat to land on snow this winter. Then I lean towards pushers that can land on this grass field without nosing over onto prop. Don’t seem like progressing if never ROG and keep belly landing--or hitting trees, weeds, shrubs the car or the house. Outside...Continue Reading
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Blog #11.
- Born out of the frustration of trying to fly outside with a PZ UM J-3 (Why don’t I just buy a Champ) -- A year ago I started up a version of Sprinners OSA Aeronca Chief:
- Main difference was using brick from busted Beast--I’d stay away from that and go with his type elect if did again.
First posted his plan fit on half $T sheet had and liked his little Chief back in 1-13-2012. Made Pst #36, 1-17-12 on Springers thread. Had some problems with way my printer handled the plans and took till end of Jan to cut any foam. Hope Springer can forgive me for making him grab a ruler. I ended up using the Art-pdf as my main fuse template. Like TTG Post #50 where fits on Legal size paper. Did find another balsa plan, but again tail looks different if go back to the older ones.
I had to complicate things more by not using the $Tree foam sheet which is .4cm, had to try yellow chicken meat trays-that’s .6cm wide. I got parts cut out at end of month, then went and sprained my ankle trying to clear snow off roof. Wasn’t too easy getting things out for my dad, so the plane got shelved for almost a months. Did test flights end of May 2012 then trimmed it down thinner in October. that’s when flew it most. I still like the UM T-28 better was getting more time on 40z parkfliers, mainly on Scratch Beagle/Bandit pusher that summer.

- Guess should mention that my UM J3 did get a 8mm motor...Continue Reading
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Blog #10 - --ooops! -There IS NO #9 -skipped
My “All the sick-slick mods” -- As easy to fly as walking backwards in a slow-motion. That might be from reviewing all my crash videos.

Post #1. Oh ok I skipped over my slow-stick story, don’t everyone have one? Problem is I did so many mods to the SS that now view it like having 14 different planes. Already said I didn’t find it a good learn-on-your-own trainer. It might be good in club setting where buddy-box it and trainer can convince trainee of its limitations (never flown one, but I’d start with a T-Hawk: Seems every hobby store has replacement parts for Slow-stick, but now I’m into making my own parts. Then it’s over 100 miles to any club or Hobby Store, ha its 70 mi to a $Tree store. Regular SS is good for hopping up after bouncing on ground for 4 ft then can turn in the small field have near house.
Think I also talked prior about some of things learned while reading “SS Help” XX Thread and applying to other planes…but now thread is soooooo long ..if I read its after do a specific Search.
I’ll unsubscribe and go with links here. Other’s have better answers to newbie questions.
The ULTIMATE SS help thread! First-Time-flyer must-read!-Part1
Post#1 Aeropenguin 6/04/2003 -pst#2 has many good links. Total Pgs=61 pst #902
Ultimate Slow Stick...Continue Reading
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Blog #8.
The Foamy Frogy was my first flying full-plane scratch-build. Became my best trainer & air-time getter while out in Arizona. Original Blue Foamy Frog was posted by Hippo way back Jan 2002. It has 3 parts in RCG. I was reading that back in 2010 when built mine. I’m finding stuff I didn’t before-and w/o plans I went on my own for lots of modifications. Started with drawings in June 2010 but took till 09-12-2010 to maiden. It flew in six states before I tore it apart in Apr 2011. Parts from my Frogy went into making next pusher a Blu-Beagle.

Tore down the Firebird when motor started glitching in March 2010, repaired and flew two more months till bent the boom, so started looking for another pusher idea. My Slow-stick was getting air time, but still wasn’t happy with how that did in wind. l don’t think SS is a good beginner cause more often overpowered motor, it climbs-up an stalls the wing. When do get it up, think it should go faster or wind can push around. The forums talked about the Frogy being able to handle wind better than the SS –I’d agree maybe up to 10mph. Even with prop-savers was loosing‘em on my modified SS! Prop-savers should be called motor shaft savers. Then for a beginner that pusher prop idea just so easy a solution.

WS: 38.5” Chord: 8” Length: 34.25”
Motor BL: BM2410-9 Batt , 2c Li-po: 7.4, 1200mah
AUW: abt 350gm
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Blog #7
a. This was my first full aircraft scratchbuild. Ended up being 5th plane I got flying. Maybe that alludes to why call it Erro-O and not Aeronca Champ. Started piecing it together in fall of 2009. Maiden flight was 9/20/10 after took paper off foam. Don’t seem like many building 40sz foam planes with brushed motors now but plenty RTF still came with them in 2009. Have a SuperTigre BL 380 been thinking about fitting on but then--could make full BL bird for the cost of $tree foam sheet.

WS: K-fg 48”x5.5” & Clark-Y 38”x5.75”, V-Stab: 14cm, H-Stab: 32cm
Fuselage Width: 6cm Height: 13cm Length: 57cm
AUW: about 333gm
Motor: (85g) BRUSHED 380 Hobbico HCAG1053
Prop: (08g) Master Airscrew 7x4 ( w/- original alum mount-from FZ J3)
Batt: (70+/-gm) 2C Lipo 7.4v, 1200 mAh Prodigy
ESC: (21g) CC Pegasus 35amp (had used Efly35 & Tactic)
Servos: (10+10gm) Both Tactic TSX101 leftovers /or Eflts EFLRS75 (7.5gm)
RX: (1.5gm) Spectrum ARS6100e

Gear: Usually toss w/o, but have tried 3 approaches:
1. Skis -$T foam & .47 wire (also FZ J3 Alum Bar & Wheels-wgt =21.4g, or FZ 182 Alm 22g)
2. Made .47 wire w/CF enforced foam wrapped w/beer tin (13.7g).
3. Now mounted on flipflop foam & Skewers w/rubber bands. Usually bust or twist off on landing.
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Blog #6: This is not a favorite model of mine. Have only put in the air six times since 2008 as a 3 channel. Became a challenge to see what could do to it. The “Difficulty to Fly Rating ( v2.0)” thread gives it a 9 (that is if leave it as sold). I’d like to know if anyone really picks it as their 3rd plane. Agree -it is NOT a Beginners Plane! TH ad still says, “For beginning fliers 14 years of age and older.”-ha ha. There were plenty of post back in 2008 in Wattsfly that say -DON’T BUY THIS FZ CUB, some on RCG liked its looks, but then got and didn’t like anymore. I don’t like how FZ make servo gears bigger than most-can’t use any of these extra servo arms on them! ESC wires in switch started glitching, so took it out. Throttle cntrl stopped working but did put Tactic TRX600 RX in a glider. Since the Bro bought three of these, I’ve cut it up till call it a J3 Major Mod--have plenty of spare parts still sitting in boxes.

See it’s still out there, now with 2.4GHz radio, don’t know if they changed anything else. Anyone getting air time with this yellow brick? Know some now like their C182 w/BL motor. The FZ C182 I now have still hasn’t got any air time --well plenty of toss to ground glides to more glue. Don’t have a paved landing strip so haven’t started on mods for it. Figured I post what did to get the J3 workable for a noobie like me.
Posted by Nominalflap | Dec 02, 2011 @ 08:00 PM | 7,857 Views
- Haven’t got back to this in ages, was summer --time to fly! Then so many things going on in family. Lost my #1 flying partner to cancer. He got 8 months more flying time than they told him out in AZ! He pretty much kept up on the Helis cause could step out the back door. Did also venture into trying UM s. Gonna miss sharing crash reports...well then the...I’m getting more air time than you! Peaceful cruising!
- Don’t know where to go on this blog story. So far back chronologically makes for confusing facts. Sept 2008 is when started getting into other planes. By 9-13-08 bro had cracked up 3 copies of that Flyzone J3 Cub. Toss that day was more a “what wont” - it didn’t. He ended up saying that’s it and giving me the parts. So end of month I bought a Slow-Stick. He gave up on planks, well got a Vapor to fly over the pool in Nov. Didn’t take a plank to park until flew P-47 Razorback on 12-13-09. Then he hung that and packed the C182 until 2010. It was table-time take-over of Heli freak! I wasn’t getting the idea of staying in one spot for a min--but that is harder than floating around. I did break down and get a MCX-S300 co-axial so could hit the apt walls.
- Got into doing repairs with $tree foam after reading scratch-build threads. Think would be better to go with building logs of what did with each plane. Firebird got two different wings, other than that mods were more repairs. It became the consistent flyer that sat in box in van -- if...Continue Reading
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FC2 Four Months -Till Make Mods:
. Most vids the first month were flights under a minute. It’s a 50/50 on if javelin toss & sometimes even ran with it --most times bad toss led to climb then stall nose dive. Also see in vids few times right on initial climb that nose dips and thing gets into the roller-coaster/porpoise. Didn’t listen to warnings about wind either. If drove to park, and breeze kicked up…well I’m already there…toss plane it’s going slow into wind then noses up --and that its. In most cases feel it was ACT taking over. Got in my FC2 flight log and even on videos start confirming that “Turned ACT -Off!”. It might be a great thing to have at 3mistakes high (like using a buddy box), but there’s no saving when low. Like most newbees I worried that if got it too high it’d drift over above parking lots, stupidly try flying ovals at only 10 feet up -and it dips when make turns. Then…I’d rather try a hail-Mary pwr up arch, then a guarenteed pwr off slow fall -pray got room deal.
-First thing that broke was the canopy inside rubber holder. I just made tie-strap hinges and used a rubber band on outside.
- Got first 2.5 min flight 6-15-08, No ACT, got up high and flew like a glider.
-The next weekend while plane was in air lost prop and it just glided down - after about 20 nose dives guess should’ve put on pre-flt to check if tight. Oh and also that you pull weeds out between control joint! Its also a good deal to unpug batt & walk back to...Continue Reading
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--From Purchase till Maiden Flight--

Not sure can really say “all by myself” taught. Had the brother nudging me to get into same pains he was experiencing. Maybe we taught each other. [ I’d forgot a plane he’d got from friends at Xmas, HF Yellow Bee. That thing on its maiden --Feb 08--did few circles then found a tree. Next toss sailed away, never to be seen again.-but it flew better than them Flyzones! ]

We’d take videos and most times laugh at mistakes but also review what should do or try next time. I am finding that didn’t take much pix --unless parked thing in a tree. Really too much ribbing between us for those videos to help anyone else, but maybe that’s what kept us going. Also started reading these forums! Got lots clues from Aeajr about watts up, 6 Keys to Success from Ed Anderson, Floated around investigating what was good beginner plane -read a lot on The Ultimate Slow-Stick Thread. Oh and:

Had already decided to go cheap and not get bros giant 60" Corsair in the air and stay away from gassers. Back in 2008 the minis were more for indoors still not many RTF with Lipo, BL or 2.4 G radios! So much has changed in 3 yrrs! Since moved from AZ back to MI not that close to any club or others that might fly. Now I’ve got open fields to myself! Have to avoid trees, not other fliers planes. It’s only better in them sims! But miss swapping & sharing w/bro.

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