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Posted by JavaScript | Sep 19, 2013 @ 02:18 PM | 7,529 Views
Have not posted in a while..

Work has had me away for almost the entire summer.. When home the honey-do's take priority over flying, building or repairing.

I even went as far as selling my radio so couldn't fly if I had time

Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully can get back to it soon. I have a new radio awaiting my return so 3 planes to fit in the new flying gear.

Then the 30cc Pilot Edge.. It has it's legs but that's about it.. all the parts are there just missing time to finish it.

Hope to get some work done.. and some flying!

Also have decided to get back into racing buggies.. So a new Losi 22 2.0 is calling my name.. I have not raced cars in 15 years... I am sure the kids will kick my for a while.. But going to give it a good effort for sure.

Back to work!
Posted by JavaScript | Jun 28, 2013 @ 08:38 AM | 13,562 Views
Last year I sold my 3dh EPP Foamie.. Missed it ever since, couple weeks ago at the flying field another member had his out doing tail touches and having fun.. So.. time for me to get another.

This time I opted for a budget build...

Value Hobby EPP Sbach kit: $24.00

GForce 1650kv Motor: $13.99

Hobbywing 10a ESC: $10.30

The purchase from ValueHobby also got 2x (2 cell 500mAh packs)

Had planned on some basic 9g servos... But then found some nicer digital Futaba 3114's laying in the box... So servos were found.

+ 1 tube of Welders glue.. off to the races.

Build went well.. Details with the pics.

Could not be happier with the plane. Flew it for the first time yesterday. Flew good. Has quite a bit of flex (twist) in the fuse when you apply rudder or elevator. So will stiffen this up with some carbon fiber.. and post pics when I am done.

Great buy for the money! Total including buying new servos. Under 100 bucks + Batteries...

Would buy another for sure.

Will post completed pics later.

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Posted by JavaScript | Jun 27, 2013 @ 09:38 AM | 9,015 Views
Just got the box opened and parts inspected... Must finish another quick project. Plans for this include:

Savox HV servos
Futaba 6208 Rx
Fortitude Tank
Miracle Switches
MK3 voltage regulators
Posted by JavaScript | May 22, 2013 @ 01:25 PM | 7,797 Views

My 30cc will finally be back in the air!

Inside these boxes is a Pilot 26% Yak 54 in Race Green!

Boxes inspected and re-packed for the trip home.

Build will start soon.. Will do a full build log..

Components will include:

DLE 30 (bowman ring modified)
Savox Digital High Voltage Servos all the way around.
Fortitude Tank
Fromeco Power
Tech Aero IBEC

(will fly with the Hitec or Futaba.. Have not decided yet)
Posted by JavaScript | Feb 02, 2013 @ 11:53 AM | 8,143 Views
Weather was pretty good a 7mph crosswind so not bad..

Got the Goldwing 30cc Yak54 all gassed up and ready to go...

Let the DLE 30 warm up and nice slow taxi out,

Flipped the high idle switch,

Nice slow roll out.. gathered speed and pulled up...

Then... **wahhhh** the motor dies.

I tried my best to hit square, but I had hardly any speed and the way our field slopes at the end of the runway I could not actually see the ground, but i heard it hit.

Didn't flare enough.

Plane is destroyed.

All the components are fine, and one wing, wing tube and tail feathers are good. Could make good replacement parts. the other wing is fixable.

Now I have to decide which plane to replace it with...

Contenders are:
Aerobeez 30cc YAK 54
Pilot 30cc YAK 54
Pilot 30cc Edge
Aeroworks 30cc Edge
Redwing RC 30cc MXSR

Posted by JavaScript | Jan 30, 2013 @ 10:34 AM | 9,316 Views

In an earlier blog entry I discussed the Drastik 60 from texasrcplanes. After 30 or so flights electric I decided to take it gas.

The DLE 20 would have been perfect for this plane, but I got a great deal on a RCG 26 on the FJ website.

Only slightly heavier it did require some tail weight.

After 10 or so flights this way.. another club member told me about his Stik 120 where he moved all the tail servos out to the tail for weight.

That is exactly what I did. Should get the final servo mounted tonight and re-balance and see how it goes.

The plane called for 1 elevator servo that uses a dual push rod to each elevator half. Plus 1 rudder servo.

I moved to a 2 servo solution for the elevator and 1 for the rudder. But moved all 3 to the back.

Notes are in the pics.

Will move more electronics to the old servo tray which is behind the CG and see if it balances.

Should be flyable this weekend!
Posted by JavaScript | Jan 14, 2013 @ 01:22 PM | 8,639 Views
This is the part 2 update to the build of the AW QB-L Extra..

So AW says that this can be built in 6-8 hours. They are absolutely correct.

Here are some pics and thoughts of each picture.

More and more impressed with the quality of this plane.. Small things, like the corner braces on the high stress places, the amount of glue used, etc..

I always re-glue everything on every plane I have. I will tell you that this plane is VERY Well glued from the factory.

The only thing remaining is the motor, esc and balance the plane. Should be done this week.

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Posted by JavaScript | Jan 09, 2013 @ 11:05 AM | 8,665 Views
For Christmas my beautiful wife gave me a new plane.. With the holidays and my work schedule I am getting started.

Here are the pictures from last night.

I have built (5) 3DH planes, and 10 other brands... and I can say this plane by far is the most ready to assemble out of the box.

Packing was perfect with NO problems with the plane or parts out of the box.

The only thing I am concerned with is the lack of reinforcements for the landing gear plate. Will wait and see how durable this is.

My setup includes:
Hitec Servos HS65mg x2 and HS85mg x2
Castle Tacon 90 ESC
E-Flight 25 870kv Motor
4s 3600 Packs

AeroWorks recommends a Hacker A30-12XL and is pre-drilled for that. If the E-Flight fits the pre-drilling that will be the motor I use. If not.. Hacker it will be.

More pics of the build coming soon!
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Posted by JavaScript | Dec 27, 2012 @ 03:47 PM | 8,318 Views
Well, hope Christmas was good for all. I totally scored thanks to my beautiful wife. An Aeroworks 52" Freestyle 260 made its way to me and I cannot wait to get started. I will do a mini build log of this plane while I build it.

Have a Happy New Year!!
Posted by JavaScript | Oct 23, 2012 @ 09:26 AM | 9,421 Views
Been flying my TexasRCPlanes electric 66" Drastik for a while now...

Couple issues:
1. landing speed - I cannot seem to slow this plane down when there is no wind. I have added flaparon mix to the the radio and dial that in before turning base. It adds some flaps and up elevator. - HELPED HUGE! made landings slick. I used the slider on the radio to be able to adjust how much is used.

2. Prop ground clearance when landing gear flex. - I normally have carbon fiber landing gear that do not flex all that much. This plane has aluminum landing gear that flex pretty good and caused me to strike the prop if not careful.

Solution was to build spring struts for the front landing gear. (pics enclosed)

And increased the wheels from 2" to 3"

A fellow club member helped me with this.. it took piano wire and 2 compression springs.

We measured the wire and made 4 pieces that were log enough to get around the axle and back to half way up the landing gear.

In my case the landing gear was 14 inches from the mounting bolt to the axle.
Then using a torch we heated and bent the wire the diameter of the axle and the mounting bolt. Making 4 U shaped pieces with small hooks at the end. Put those into the springs then attached to the plane and covered the springs with heat shrink.

What a difference. This took almost all the bounce out of the landing gear.
Posted by JavaScript | Oct 15, 2012 @ 09:58 AM | 8,620 Views
Running out of room quick...

Just thought it was funny the effort we give to get planes to and from the flying field.
Posted by JavaScript | Sep 28, 2012 @ 09:38 AM | 8,869 Views
So... took much longer than I anticipated... But she flew for the first time last night! WOW!

This is the 66" version from Texas RC Planes. Drastik 60

I built this plane electric using the following parts:

Eflight 60 Motor
With a 16x8e APC Prop
100amp Castle ESC
6s 4000mAh Battery
Full Size Hitec Servos

The only modification I made the plane was a battery tray. Small piece of light plywood spanning the area where the landing gear mount.

I got my first flight of the aircraft last night and let me tell you... WOW! what a great bird.

Flight review..
Calm winds at 6:30 in the evening.

Taxi and take off were smooth as silk, about half throttle and in about 20 feet she was in the air. Slight bank left and began my first pattern around the airfield, this plane and power combination are amazing. The plane took only 1 click of elevator and aileron trim otherwise flew perfect including inverted flight.

After a few passes I pulled vertical and put the power to it. This thing has "UNLIMITED" Vertical performance. Hammer head turn and came back, after rolls loops and a couple basic 3D maneuvers it was time to land it for the first time. Turned base and killed the power, turned final and it just seemed to glide forever. Put the wheels down and the plane rolled the length of the runway, I taxied it back and thought WOW!

I will be downsizing the prop to a 15x8e (or 15x7) and see how that performs.. The only other modification I will make is figuring out how to land it a little slower as at the speed of the maiden landing it could easily over shoot the end of our 350' runway.
Posted by JavaScript | Aug 31, 2012 @ 08:36 AM | 9,005 Views
Life vs. Time has gotten the best of me lately... Finally had some time to almost finish the Big Durastick.. This is from Texas RC Planes quite local to me, and the owner is a great guy..

This bird is 66" wingspan... Going to fly on a Eflight 60, Castle 100amp Esc on 6S

Should be nice... Will have to maiden after the holiday weekend...

All I lack is picking up a prop adapter and prop.. Throw the battery door on and balance.
Posted by JavaScript | Aug 29, 2012 @ 08:24 AM | 8,730 Views
Words cannot describe my excitement...

I have had over a dozen 3D Hobby Shop planes of the past few years.. Sold some, crashed some.. the usual story.

My favorite electric of them all was the VR1

Found another RCG member who has one that had a landing gear blowout. I am buying it for parts.

Mine met an unfortunate end in an inverted harrier dumb thumb.. "up vs. down" problem... 3DH didn't have parts necessary to fix it.. So I replaced that one with the 3DH 48" Edge, which I am still flying today.

Thanks to blackzrx... His VR1 + My VR1 = one good VR1

Cannot wait to get this back in the air.
Posted by JavaScript | Aug 24, 2012 @ 09:58 AM | 8,905 Views
It all started with ordering one of Tom's (N827TM) kits. This batch of kits were put together by icharus which I am really glad he did...

If you ever wanted one of these kits.. Great for building season coming soon... You better grab one while you can.

Here is mine:

Got to get to work on this again!
Posted by JavaScript | Aug 24, 2012 @ 09:52 AM | 8,776 Views
Do you ever have so many projects that you cannot find the motivation to finish any of them?

I am that way right now...

1 - Keeping a Fellow Club Member Flying.. He is a retired US Air force flight engineer/mechanic. I love his stories... Been helping him quite a bit.
2 - Building a new TexasRC Durastick 68" of electric fun.
3 - Kit building a Skybaby. (will post more about this)
4 - Rebuilding a LED T-28 for night flying.

And.. All the normal duties