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Posted by bmiller | Jul 30, 2013 @ 02:34 PM | 25,970 Views
Finally arrived and no damage. Putting in jetfan90 w/HET700/68/1680 on 7 or 8S 4000-5000s.
Posted by bmiller | Jul 26, 2013 @ 01:06 AM | 16,332 Views
So I've been flying this for 2plus years using 7S on the stock fan/motor which has worked very well but its time for more speed and a better sounding fan!

Got a Jetfan80 from Gary at effluxRC during LAJets2013. He didn't have the motor I wanted at the show but told me to check the website and pm him.
Worked out well as I was wanting a het 700-68-1746 at the time. I installed the fan using my 700-68-1680 so I could play around with the CG of the H32.
I realized the 700 series is a heavy chunk of metal, complete overkill for my planned 8S setup. I decided on the HET 650-58-1746 saving around 100gms of weight. Checked with Gary and he had that motor. ordered Tuesday nite, got it Thursday! started on it at 5pm finished after 9pm. Lots of soldering, motor wires extended, 4mm bullets, CC proBEC, swapped ICE100 for my ICE120hv in case I want to try 9 or 10S
CG perfect with batts moved forward slightly, BEC and ESC side by side under battery tray so I can still move them back if I try 9S or 5000s. Is it Saturday yet!
Posted by bmiller | Jul 12, 2013 @ 03:07 AM | 16,468 Views
Bought this from Hung(zaskarkid) already built sans power system and flap servos. He had bought it built but never flew it due to other projects. Beautiful looking jet with sapac retracts/struts/cockpit details and pilots. I installed my wemo70mm/megaEDF/ICE100/4S 3200s. Had several issues to fix prior to maiden flight. The retract air valve servo was smoked and the nose geardoor was badly done with tape as the hinge and the control horn popped right off the door the 1st time I activated it. I just removed the door and its servo completely. replaced bad servo, new flap servos, set throws and CoG per rcg thread.
Took off perfect, one main didn't retract so I lowered the other 2 and kept flying. Flies very stable, a couple clicks here and there and shes on rails. good climb, decent speed but it wants more! Putted around practiced a couple landing approaches up high, Brought her in to land and the nosegear wasn't locked so it slide on the nose for 20ft in the dirt, dammit. Main gear bent back too. I'll have to drill the retracts/struts for 1/8 pianowire. I think the cable steering jammed the nosegear and prevented it from locking out. More to come.
Posted by bmiller | Oct 08, 2012 @ 07:23 PM | 18,048 Views
Ordered from hobbyking Saturday Oct 6, Email and shipping looks like its in their LA distribution hub in nearby Lakewood! We'll see if it arrives Tuesday!
Was inspired watching Hung fly his 90mm 'glass version last week. It flys extremely well. That one is $1000 bucks for the bare airframe so this little foam guy comes completely built only needing an rx and 3S 2650. Plan is a few flights all stock then put my 4S 3200 wemo megaEDF setup in it. over 800W should be plenty. Reading some threads on it, I'll have to add a carbon spar in each boom as they flex badly. Probably swap all electronics out for decent quality stuff.
Posted by bmiller | Jun 10, 2012 @ 05:37 AM | 17,978 Views
Picked it up at the field today from Hung (Zascarkid) for $150 and I had got the retracts for it from Herb last week for $40 so I saved over $100 bucks. Already have an original jetfan90 and a 6S motor.
I held the wing halves together and tried to fit it in the HHR, TOO BIG!
I'll have to remove the wing for transport which is a pain in the ass.
Anyway its pretty and big, should come out extremely light for it's size making it a floater. I don't expect it to be a fast jet because of the huge size but it should be a fun agile flyer.
Heres the thread on it
Posted by bmiller | Jun 06, 2012 @ 12:34 AM | 16,986 Views
Dusted off my little A-4, I had parked it after the aileron trim kept changing inflight. Other jets had my interest so it never got looked into. So it's been 2 years, time to fix it!
Pulled the intake duct and fan out tonite. Good thing I parked it!
The aileron servo had unglued itself and was flopping around, the fan stator assy had broken free and slid forward with the rotor protruding into the duct, the outer fan mounting ring also broken free and the main bulkhead was broken in half.
Guess thats the price you have to pay for having 900watts in an alfa A-4!
Epoxied the servo down and CA'd the fan back together adding epoxy around the stators and outer mounting ring. Bulkhead also CA'd plus epoxy to reinforce the cracked area and some extra on the fuse/ bulkhead joints as well. Reassembled, need to get a 2.4 rx for it or I'll have to use my old optic6.

Mods: cutdown het rotor in the alfa shroud stator/motor assy moved back so rotor runs in the shroud. Mega 16/15/2 4600kv CC60A ESC on 4S2200s.
Smaller exhaust duct exit 57mm.
Foam shims added inside the inlets to shrink the too large intakes for higher top speed, Seemed faster but then the aileron issue started so I parked it.
I'm adding some red paint on the wings/tail to see it better inflight, the navy paint is tough to see and the jet is tiny and seriously fast. Maybe Herb can get a speed read on it saturday. I'm hoping somewhere around 145mph.
Posted by bmiller | Jun 04, 2012 @ 02:14 AM | 18,189 Views
Beautiful but Difficult to fly.