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Posted by nautique | Apr 14, 2012 @ 06:30 PM | 12,983 Views
Just finished my first ground station. I'm an FPV rookie to say the least but I gave it some effort. The Fatshark 5.8ghz goggles will be used primarily for FPV and the lcd is more for manipulation of the camera gimbal attached to my multi-rotor that requires a second pilot.

The lcd is a 9" Pyle TV running on a 3300mah 3s lipo, (Does not blue or black screen with static). The Rx is an Airwave 5.8ghz powered by a 800mah 3s lipo, both purchased from Ready Made RC, (Along with IBCrazy cloverleaf antennas). There are soft bound storage containers that match the Fatshark case and attach to the Pelican case lid with velcro. I was skeptical about only using velcro but it has really worked well so far. The last piece of electronic equipment is a digital lipo reader to indicate the battery life for the Rx. Probably not really necessary but I thought it looked cool. There is a storage compartment built into the case that rests below the lcd for storing chargers and potentially batteries if needed. The only thing missing now is an lcd hood for glare.

It's not the most detailed ground station anyone has made but this was my first attempt and so far it suits my needs perfectly. If anyone has any critiques I'm open to suggestion....Continue Reading