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Posted by Mr_B | Sep 01, 2011 @ 05:16 AM | 6,076 Views
The clipped wing easy star

This is a hand me down plane from SPG which I have clipped the wings and installed a simple setup for FPV Hoon'n

Build stats:

Plane - Multiplex Easy Star
Prop - 6 X 5
Motor - Turnigy B2835-2200
ESC - RCSmart 30A
CRx - Dragonlink
VTx - 5.8Ghz 200mw
Battery - Turnigy 2600mah
Camera - Foxtech FH-20c

I didn't take any measurements but basically started trimming the tips off the wings till the amount of turn up at the tip was minimised till I was happy with flying speed and manouverability

Awesome plane with this kind of mod. Just watch the video below and check out the pics.

The CRx is inside the body cavity with an access flap cut into the bottom of the body.

All the video gear fits inside the canopy cavity and a hole put through for the antenna. The camera is mounted on a broken Fatshark tilt plastic and glued in place.

I also make use of a battery cell monitor for a sort of OSD pushed through the tip of the nose in front of the camera.

I mount a micro Keychain HD camera with hook & Loop tape in front of the voltmeter for video recording.

The Mr_B Weekend Clip flown with Dragon Link (3 min 10 sec)

BTW : boingk @ has a nice starter kit which is a simple cheap way to start in the fpv flying.

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Mr_B Rich Change (4 min 13 sec)

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Hmmm. More info ??? eh ???

Well here is a couple of pics of YAE*.

Been having a ball with this plane, It has done over 230Hrs flying so far and it performs great, No problems with her from day one.

Current configuration:

AR7000 Reciever
EagleTree OSD & recorder with Airspeed, RPM, Altitude, FMA sensor
1500KVrpm + 30A Brushless from RC Smart
8X4 prop
800mw 1.2Ghz Video Transmitter
520tvl Panasonic Camera with 3.6mm lens
Pan/Tilt from DPC
GUM Cam mounts to back of main TX video cam on Pan tilt rig

Choice of batteries
5200mah lipo from Laptop PC - 90 min flights (Cheapest hi capacity battery ever)
2500mah lipo - 40 min flights