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Posted by thomaswood | Sep 07, 2017 @ 01:17 AM | 3,176 Views
Hi guys :

Maybe you have troulbe to find the right bullet connectors for your ESC, motor or battery .
Or Maybe when you bought the connector you have troulbe to keep them safe , as they are always not so big .
So ,Today , i would like to recommend a new very cost effective and very useful product for you .

I call it connect combo . It includes :
50 pair x 2.0mm bullet connector ,
50 pair x 3.5mm bullet connector and ,
5 pair XT60 power connector .

Three most popular size bullet connectors in one package , you never need to find each type from each shop one by one now.
All these three types package in one packing box . actually it's transparency plastic storage box .
This box can be hanged up in your tooling wall ,
The inside plastic parts can be takne off to get more room for other big part which you want to stock ,
As you see , this pakcing box is not only suite for bullect connectors , but also , nuts , screw , even small battery is also possible .

Luckyly ,now this 2.0mm bullet , 3.5mm bullet ,XT60 connector combo , can be bought from banggood or Amazonshop ,
And , if you want more discount , just be free contact me , you will get surprise !

Posted by thomaswood | Aug 25, 2017 @ 03:52 AM | 2,200 Views
Hi Guys :

After you read this blog you will find a way to save your money when you build your airplane .

Maybe , many of you heard about HITEC USA , Montion RC , PICHLER , or FMS from China .
But do you konw ZTW Beatles seires ESC ? Yes , you should !

This is a low cost version which specially for the fxied wing .
Including 20A BEC , 30A BEC, 40A BEC, 50A SBEC ,60A SBEC , 70A SBEC ,80A SBEC.
BEC Output 5V/2A , 5V/2A ,5V/3A , 5.5V/3A ,5.5V/3A ,5.5V/3A ,5.5V/3A
The size and weight are OK , at least it's acceptable , i think . Also programmable functions .
However the most attractive point is the price , for example :
20A retail 13.66USD , 30A retail 14.66USD ,40A retail 15.66USD , please note this is free shipping . from BG : or Amazon .

Generally speaking , the ZTW beatles seires ESC is a good choice for your airplane .
Price is attracitve , quality is ok and proved by many companies above ,

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Posted by thomaswood | Aug 20, 2017 @ 09:54 PM | 2,647 Views
Hi Guys ,
Do not be too surprised when you see this blog , Do not doubt this 15A Slim ESC .
For the 3D F3P flying , we will required strickly to the weight even to gram , include the cable ,connector and so on .
And current for 10A or 20A if price and weight is acceptable , i prefer 20A better

However i belive this ZTW Mantis slim 15A can fulfil most of your requires , check these data :
Size : 27*14*mm (L*W) , compared to Castle THUNDER BIRD 9A which is 26.8*17.4 mm(L*W) ,How slim it is !
BEC output : 2A/5V continuous and peak can ge 3A/5V but only for not over 5 seconds . but this is enough , as i know other versions 10-20A ESC, BEC is only 1A. continuous.
Current : 15A , this is between 10A-20A . maybe some 3D flying guys have been looking for this .
Price : i think 15-20USD is acceptable . depond on different market . As it can be bought from Amazon or other distributors now .
Program : Yes ,it can be programmed by the ZTW program card
Weight : 5.5g does not include the cable . From the fractory , include cable,connector under 6.5g is possible . but if you can DIY , 6g can be realized !
Software : Updated version which with faster throttle response for the 3D flying .

BEC ouput stronger , Size smaller , weight lighter, price acceptable ,software updated .
But personally think , the weight still can be lower a little .