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Posted by grmis | Mar 26, 2014 @ 10:42 AM | 13,878 Views
My (first!) FPV quad is now flying relatively well, so let me present its detailed configuration. Comments or questions are welcome !

Frame: SK450 + dead cat conversion (Hobbyking). I did not used any distribution board -- power cables are just soldered together.
Motors: Sunnysky 2212 980kv (eBay)
Props: Gemfam plastic 10*4.5 (eBay) EDIT: now carbon 9*5.5 (from HK, see pictures a few posts below)
ESC: F30A (Hobbyking) flashed with SimonK firmware (I used the KKMulticopter Flashtool).
Lipo: Turnigy 2200 mAh 3S. Update (Sept. 2016): Now flying with two lipos in parallel, for longer flight time with the HD camera and the brushless gimbal.

Flight controller:
- Crius AIO v1 [clone from Hobbyking in fact]
- Software: MegapirateNG 3.01 R2.
- GPS: uBlox Neo-6 (Hobbyking). Update (Sept. 2016) : uBlox M8N (now ~16 sats. on average)
- Working modes: STAB / ALT-HOLD / LOITER / RTL. EDIT: + RTL on failsafe [I can turn off the radio in flight!]
- Installed on a "vibration absorbing" mount with 50g balls (Hobbyking). Doing so turned out to be crucial to have a descent alt-hold.
Radio link & telemetry:
- FrSky, D4R2-II receiver in PPM sum mode (->single cable to flight controller).
- PWM analog RSSI output of D4R-II is connected to the flight controller (input A2) via low-pass filter (5kOhms+10uF). Thanks to this, the radio RSSI is visible in the goggles. This is nice to be sure I do not screen the transmitter
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