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Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 07, 2017 @ 03:18 AM | 6,587 Views

So I played the book and convinced myself that I had to drive-in to work instead of taking my Van Pool vehicle (Commuter Van). I certainly had some late meetings so, I took my usual models but, when I looked up this morning there it was, staring at me and wondering how long it has been since I have NOT flown my Beloved Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX. Instead, I can tell you all when I acquired this wonderful looking and flying RC Warbird Park Flyer model. It was September 11th, 2011. I can recall it so vividly at my best buddy's (Skybro) house to do the unpacking and assembly.

Can't believe this model is 6 years old! Wow! I flew it this morning and after perhaps 10 months since the last time i took it for RC Flying, I dare say that I never forgot what a delightful model this Spitfire is and I landed the Spitfire like I never had stopped flying her so, had not forgot to keep her level tor that grease landings!

Returning back home, it was exactly 5:24 PM and I just had to try once more! Clouds were towards the West (Sunset) and I wasted no time and had my last Fully Charged GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2200mAH Lithium Polymer pack right at the front passenger seat. What a beautiful sight for sore eyes! The Sunset Rays just made that Spitfire Glow and it looked like the Full Size for a while. Maintained her up a little higher just in case I would lose orientation and I must confess, I did for just a few seconds and I am happy to report that by keeping her higher saved the model. After...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 02, 2017 @ 07:43 PM | 6,473 Views

For the very first time I had the opportunity to see our Stanley at Moon Port Modelers RC Club come with his Giant Foam FMS F4U Corsair and he was originally looking for another instructor, however, I was the only Instructor there!

He had not flown this large mammoth F4U Corsair in a few weeks and he wanted someone to Take-Off and Trim it.

Well, I came over to the table and right off the bat the Rudder didn't seem to be working so, I told him to check for connections. Sure enough, below this sound card there was an incorrect connection and he finally made good and rudder starting working. My only concern was that the model started to re-activate itself with the slightest hand intrusion. I was thinking to myself, I hope this does NOT happen in the AIR.

After several checks and re-checks, it was time to pick this large Corsair off the table and I was just SHOCKED how heavy it was! This thing weighs much more than my Hanger9 50-Size F4U Corsair! I am pretty sure this thing has some kind of Ball Bearings buried inside that Frontal FUSE as it is just shocking how heavy.

I placed the model on our textile runway and we walked back to the Pilots station. Stanley handed me the Transmitter and asked him which switch for what (i.e., Throttle Kill etc....etc....). I asked him if the last instructor used Flaps for take-off and he said NO. I asked him again, ARE YOU SURE? This thing is heavy! He replied once again, NO.

I throttle easy while applying RIGHT...Continue Reading