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Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 29, 2013 @ 12:44 PM | 6,613 Views

Wow, what a difference it makes when the main gear is folded underneath the wing assembly! It flew and feels like a totally different RC P-47 Thunderbolt model!

I was actually shaking a bit when it ZOOMed past us and wondering what happened to the smaller / Lighter Park Zone 480 (960Kv) brushless motor?? I mean it was moving at least an additional 3 -to- 5 MPH faster!

Here are some neat pictures my Sky Bro (Gerry) took of my Thunderbolt from early this morning!

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Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 28, 2013 @ 11:02 AM | 8,222 Views
I have finally installed the E-Flite Retracts on my PZ P-47 Thunderbolt and they work perfect! Without the STOCK Y-Connector "Amplified" that comes with the E-Flite Retracts! I have installed a regular Y-Connector just like I did with my PZ Spitfire Mk IX.

It is no wonder that John Redman in this following Video does NOT use the STOCK "Amplified" Y-Connector and instead used a Regular Y-Connector.

If you are all wondering and especially you have not followed my investigations within the PZ Spitfire Mk IX thread, it because the Spektrum Receiver Manual states that you can not use any "Amplified" Y-Connectors!!!

Please consider to read up at this Blog Post:

My bug is that no where within the E-Flite Retracts "nor" the PZ P-47 Thunderbolt Manual states this.....

HorizonHobby.com How To - ParkZone P-47D Retract Installation (14 min 12 sec)

================================================== ========

Pictures showing the Retrofit of new E-Flite Retracts for my Thunderbolt.

E-Flite Pre-Bent Struts

E-Flite Retracts
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Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 27, 2013 @ 06:37 PM | 6,578 Views
Hello good People!

I was lucky to win a Free Ticket and attend the "Soft" viewing of Space Shuttle Atlantis (Tail Number OV-104). I am providing at least one Video and some pictures! This was taken at John F. Kennedy Space Center - Visitors Center at Kennedy Space Center, Florida!

SPACE SHUTTLE ATLANTIS "SOFT" VIEWING 06-27-2013 (0 min 30 sec)

SPACE SHUTTLE ATLANTIS "SOFT" VIEWING Part 2 06-27-2013 (1 min 33 sec)
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Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 25, 2013 @ 08:36 PM | 6,424 Views
Okay, a Multi Rotor crashed and someone recovered the GO PRO camera contents and now authorities are looking into video voyeurism concerns

Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 22, 2013 @ 05:47 PM | 6,778 Views
Okay, after flying my Park Zone Spitfire and leaving the RC Club, I wasted NO time and went directly to Lowe's Home Improvement right there in Titusville, Florida and I asked them to make me up two colors from the Battery Hatch piece.

The lady took the part carefully under this Machine with a Light Hub and started Clicking on a Computer Display and in seconds the formula came out to another machine close by.

Each Paint Sample jar was around $2.98 plus tax! (Acrylic Outside Paint)

There is enough Paint to last me for the Life of the Model.

Some pictures....

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Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 19, 2013 @ 04:03 AM | 7,963 Views
I have posted in the RADIO Section and have not received any replies so,......

Background History on this issue can be seen at:

Original Posting of my installation of these E-Flite Retracts (Almost 2 years ago!!):

My issue has been using an Spektrum AR600 Receiver with the Stock power system in a certain Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX.

The only thing I did was to install a pair of Brand NEW E-Flite Retracts (EFLG100) and as some of you here may know that it comes with an Amplified Y-Connector Harness to connect both Retracts together.

I had no issues with the first 20 flights (Estimated) and then, all of a sudden one side started to Cycle all by itself. I have learned to land the Spitfire with just one Main Gear as this happened to me on several occasions.

During one visit at another thread discussing the larger E-Flite Hawker Hurricane, someone had the same issue as I was experiencing and they posted saying that he removed the STOCK Y-Connector Harness that came with the E-Flite Retracts for that model. I was sort of doubtful since the retracts are larger on the Hawker Hurricane 25e but, nevertheless, I tried it and to my shock and surprise it cured the UNSOLICITED Cycling of my retracts while in flight.

I have had perhaps over 25 "CAREFREE" Flights on my Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX without using any Amplified STOCK Y-Connector harness that comes with the E-...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 10, 2013 @ 07:35 PM | 5,936 Views
I have surpassed 15 carefree Flights without the E-Flite STOCK Y-Connector that comes with EFLG100. The removal of this STOCK Y-Connector that exhibits a Voltage Amplifier of sorts was because my Retracts started to cycle in an unsolicited manner while In-Flight.

Instead, back May 19th, 2013, I installed just a regular Y-Connector and the Retracts has exhibited perfect function without any issues to any unsolicited commanding / cycling of the retracts.

Here is the Blog Posting:

As you can see, I take my Spitfire Mk IX to log as many flights as I can to try out these E-Flite Retracts to test this configuration!

Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 09, 2013 @ 04:00 AM | 5,936 Views
Fun Fly at MOON PORT MODELERS RC CLUB and my Park Zone P-47D Thunderbolt won 3rd place prize for the Fast and Slow contest!

All this was with the smaller Park Zone 480 (960Kv) Motor and the GWS (Grand Wing Servo) 4-Blade 10 X 8 X 4 propeller setup! Amazing!!

My P-47 Thunderbolt is no speed demon but, no slouch either. The lap runs were conducted by Flag Personnel at each end of the runway sides. They ask you if you were ready and the first was just to get to the far end of the runway and then, when the Flag was lowered, you had to Throttle UP to Full and what I did since my P-47 is pretty light was to nose her in slightly to gain as much speed as possible and it made 2 seconds which was amazingly surprising!

Then, when the opposite Flag was lowered, you had to fly the model as slowly as possible without Stalling it. I activated Flaps and the large 4-Blade allowed it to slow down masterfully and rock solid. (about 10.6 seconds)

There was someone with a dang 3D light balsa model that won first and 2nd place, next time I will demand category / type restrictions! As far as I am concerned, my JUG won First Place!!

================================================== =======

Again, Fun Fly at MOON PORT MODELERS RC CLUB (Space Coast), and my Park Zone T-28D Airforce Trojan (Discontinued) won the FIRST PLACE PRIZE contest for Balloon Bust Contest.

I was not even trying and the model was so steady that I was able to line her up and reduce throttle and it hit 1st balloon and went around 2nd time for the reminding two (2) balloons in record time!

Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 02, 2013 @ 05:25 AM | 7,540 Views
For past work and recent briefings on my quest to keep this car on the road:

Hi Guys!

Well, Friday, May 31st, 2013 was a busy day for my 1992 Toyota Camry XLE (JT Vin = Japan) with 429,315 miles as I finally broke down and got it a nice Kenwood Radio with USB, Bluetooth etc...etc... and some neat "Polk Audio" Speakers for the front. The rears are SONY 3-Way and I myself installed those about 5 years ago and still pumping out the music great. Bestbuy had a SUPER deal for an open item on this Kenwood for a cool $69.99 and regularly priced is over $160 new. The Radio was in great condition and for a cool $11 US, I was able to get the 2-year extended warranty through BestBuy.

The Speakers were installed by BestBuy as they gave me a great deal since one of the Rear Speakers became lose and they had the expertise on removing and reinstalling the large 3-Way SONY's so, I went ahead and gave em the Green Light to install the new Polk Audio round speakers for the front. Zac, the Technician did a fantastic JOB at BestBuy and did not break anything on my car and installation of all items were done professionally. He even briefed me on how to use the new Kenwood and that BlueTooth with hands free Cell Phone Talk is the best and lets not forget the sound!:thumbsup:

That same day, I had my Camry's A/C system evacuated professionally by my good friend that specializes in Auto A/C and other items and did a great job. Advance Auto Parts are just supplying a new product known as AC PRO and its the best for Stopping Leaks, and Compressor Lub which my system had lots anyway but, I mostly used it for the leak as the A/C Tubing on this car is Factory and after all those miles....:clap:

Some Pictures showing the work:

Present Odometer Mileage Reading!

Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 01, 2013 @ 06:12 PM | 5,580 Views
Background for reason of Update Report:

Enjoyed an Amazing morning with those that frequent a large area that the NAVY Reserve uses for their infrequent activities and part of the historical War World - II training center when it was McCoy Airforce Base.

It must have flown my Spiftfire for at least four (4) Long Flights using the Park Zone 480 (960Kv) and swinging the Master Airscrew 3-Blade 9 X 7 X 3 propeller. The wind was at least 8 MPH around 8:35am Eastern and the model performed flawlessly.

Like to report!!! The E-Flite Retracts performed flawlessly and Gear UP went without any issues and again while using the Regular Y-Connector Harness and not the STOCK E-Flite provided Amplified Y-Connector!!!!

One little issue during approach was the Right Main Gear did not deploy DOWN and I did not give up and throttle UP and went around and issuing the command for UP gear and then, DOWN such the 2nd time was a charm and all Main Gear sides came down and landed without any fuss. The Right Pre-Bent needs adjusting once again!!! The wheel is making contact at the boarder side of the wheel well.


Here are a few pictures my Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX with the Same Park Zone 480 and Master Airscrew 3-Blade 9 X 7 X 3 and DUBRO Spinner