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Posted by shigetyann | Dec 19, 2011 @ 11:25 AM | 8,347 Views
I agree small ICON A5 is groove. Even though a little luck of buoyancy force moment to lateral direction, as side-floats donít have enough distance between both, this design gives us the opportunity to open the future design.

This model flies well and pretty smooth in calm circumstances only.

When we fly it In the cross wind, its fuselage side geometry forces us hard to control on the water. And more, its hall shape isnít suitable to take off from the water. Both side edges of the hall are dull, so the water running up along the surface of the fuselage. The water makes the fuselage down force into the water. This calls for more power to take off. This looks not smart like the real plane. I added plates the both side edges of the hull, from nose to the step. The plates bounce the water and gain the lift.

ICON A5 very best of touch and go (3 min 40 sec)