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so you might have seen video's from / about the new Runcam 5 Orange pass by.. I thought it would be informative to demonstrate One of it's new features. Not only to show how well the Runcam 5 does in flat colors, but also to show you why you might want to use it..

Link to the camera: Runcam 5 Orange

at Banggood: Runcam 5 Orange

So.. a short video showing what "flat color profile" is.. and how you CAN use it..
I shot this video in horrible weather, because is especially hard on camera's..

Runcam 5 Orange - Flat Color Style - Flight Demo (10 min 1 sec)

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My 1st turbine plane....what a way to start.

In 2014, a friend of mine gave me a Joe Saitta ME 163B that had been handed down thru many hands since 1999. The model had never been started, it was a propeller driven, 82", ME 163B short kit. It still had the original plans, Fiberglass fuselage and some of the ribs and bulkheads. The rest had been lost thru time.

I contacted Joe Saitta thru email. He was very supportive and indicated that things had changed since 1999, now his model was turbine powered. The fuselage was the same as well as the wings, but the bulkheads and other items in the fuselage guts had changed. He prepared an upgrade kit for me and I was ready to start.

I had been building models for some decades, so this was not an issue. Turbines was another thing, I had no knowledge of them. Nor was I AMA turbine certified. A good friend of mine, Juan Garcia, became my mentor and taught me all I had to know on this power plants and models.

I finished the model in a few months. Since this plane lands on a skid, landing gear is detached on takeoff. I prepared an aluminum skid that follows the external contour of the fuselage. This will protect the belly of the plane upon landing in grass field. The landing gear/dolly was made of wood and aluminum and version 1.5 was the perfect one which I have been using the past five years. The first four versions had each a different flaw which required modification. Takeoff dolly release can be very tough on the...Continue Reading
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I just completed my second plane, an E-flite Valiant, 1300mm. The kit was nice and easy to assemble. Although I am partial to scale aircraft, I chose this plane for use as a trainer due to its forgiving nature and ability to fly a slower speeds.

I made a few cosmetic changes by removing all the ugly decals and replacing them with a custom set I made and had printed on water-slide decal paper. I limited these decals to just registration numbers, a few indicating the type (Valiant 480E--since that is how it is listed in the instruction manual), and some blue and silver striping on the wheel pants. I also painted the propeller tips in white. By removing the decals on the blue colored surfaces quite a bit of paint was pulled off. To remedy this I used some matte acrylic Apple Barrel Cobalt-Hue paint to cover the bare surface, and then sealed it with clear satin water-based Polycrylic Minwax. I came out to a perfect match and is very difficult to tell from the original finish!

I also purchased a set of floats for this plane which I am in the process of modifying by adding a set of water rudders and a waterproof steering servo.
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DustOff #10 - XK A430 Edge Stunt Plane - The Last Flight of the Edge!

Here is a link to the Video:

I took the XK Edge Stunt Plane out for it's Last Flight.
This is a very nice flying Stunt Plane with some unfortunate durability issues.

Complete Playlist for the XK Edge Stunt Plane

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Link to this Plane:

XK A430 2.4G 5CH 3D6G System Brushless RC Airplane Compatible Futaba RTF - Mode 2

Spare Batteries:

XK DHC-2 A600 RC Airplane Spare Parts 7.4V 300mAh 25C Li-po Battery

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Link to the Motor Upgrade Tutorial:

Link to the Motor Upgrade Tutorial Photos:

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Can anyone tell me were i can buy a pss glass fuse around 30 inch wing span war birds
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I'm new to the world of radio control aviation. I've been wanting to get into this hobby since I was a kid the 1970s, however due to the cost, raising a family, and my duties a a Marine, I had to put it off. With the advent of the age of low-cost computer technology and the use of foam for model kits, RC aviation is now both affordable and much easier than it was in the past.

In October, I purchased and built my first model, and E-flite PT-17. Actually, since it has Navy markings it is technically an N2S. I was really impressed with this kit, and with the assistance of Monofoil Man, I was able to detail the aircraft with authentic decals, rigging, and many other scale details. I also joined the AMA and our local flying club, the Dare County RC Flyers.

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