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Posted by scubasmyth | Jun 07, 2015 @ 09:17 AM | 6,528 Views
• If something turns out to not be right with a deal, I'll do my best to make it right. My item descriptions are accurate and you can ask questions before committing. My reputation stands for itself. My integrity and trustworthiness are well established. However, mis-communications can happen. Remember, I am an RC enthusiast just like you and please keep things in perspective. I am not a multimillion $ hobby store. I'm just a guy just trying to have fun and enjoy the hobby like you.
• If you want to return an item, and I agree, buyer pays return shipping.
• Paypal is preferred but on occasion I will take a USPS money order. Cash for LPU.
• You are responsible for correct setup and range checks.
• I don't ship internationally. Sorry.
• Typically I will sell to the first in line but not always. If it’s a high dollar item (over $50) I may require well established good feed back or sell it to you "as is". For most items I require a confirmed address.
• Saying "I'll take it" constitutes your commitment to a deal. If you then disappear without another word, you get free lifetime membership on my ignore list. If you don't intend to buy it, don't say you will and don't ask for a lower price later.
• If you want it but the deal is contingent on waiting until a later date or delaying payment for some other reason, and someone else can complete the deal now, they get to jump in front of you.
• I will delete all non-relevant posts in my FS threads.
• Do your due diligence before committing. I am not responsible for incompatibility issues. Nor will I take returns for such.
• If you buy something from me and have buyers remorse or change your mind, sell it!
Happy Flying!!