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Posted by scott jane | Aug 18, 2015 @ 09:01 PM | 4,380 Views
A little long please read.

When he was a kid I helped Lance learn to fly, he was a natural, as with most everything he set in on. A talented musician far surpassing my ability and his mothers too. Roudy and rambunctious and well liked by all his peers.
Now near 21 all of those things are gone.

It is hard to imagine the loss capable and common with this disease. Over the last year my wife and I have become intimately familiar and educated with many aspects of mental illness that we were unaware existed.

The complex issues surrounding Lances care and well being have carried us to mental exhaustion and fatigue and held us there. The added burden of supervision has dominated our time and created catastrophic financial burden only adding to the fatigue.

In light of the Nashville theater attack (same diagnosis as our son) a wider focus has began to emerge. Long term care for Lance, and help for others like us who are standing in the Gap trying to prevent further loss to individuals with this disease.

Please review the link, if all you can offer is wisdom, edification, or constructive criticism, it is better than silence. Silence breeds dispare.
Thank you to my many friends here. GOD Bless us both.
Posted by scott jane | Aug 09, 2014 @ 10:26 PM | 5,812 Views
In the last six weeks ending aug 10 my daughter and son were selling off a few extra items that I have, and dont feel like tripping over anymore. For their portion in the work the each received 25% of the selling price, this was a summer job for them. My daughter 14, listed the items and my son 12, helped package them for shipping, we all three got an education in online selling and I got the benefit of spending time with my daughter... I was very impressed with her ability and attitude. She is a joy to work with and is competent at everything she tries. Of course this gave my son money to purchase rc items for us to play with... he picked up a new nano qx, and a foamy me109, which he promptly built and flew... his building skills rival that of a lot of grown adults I know... he built a hlg from my scrap box thatflew nicely. A sad end to a great summer today, as they are headed back to Pa. Just a little over 12 hours away, my son is ready for the lebanon pa swap meet though and will be a good excuse for me to go see him in early spring.

God has really blessed me with great children, and is opening my eyes to know that is very true....

Mitchell Scott Drew.