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Posted by BrownEyedFool | Dec 05, 2012 @ 11:43 AM | 27,561 Views
My bench area is getting crowded. Planes coming in the door constantly filled my storage shelves up. Many of my planes are parkflyers so they are stored with the wings on, which makes them very inefficient to store.

I considered making one of those PVC racks with a square foot base and T fittings every foot or so, and even bought the materials to make one. But that takes hours to build and is either flimsy if you don't glue it or can't be reconfigured if you do. Friend of mine came up with an idea based on a rack we saw in the swap shot at NEAT and we ran with it.

Off to Lowe's for some 4"x4"s, four of them to be exact, 8 footers. Grabbed two 8 foot lengths of 2" x 6" r too while we were at it. Several lengths of PVC pipe and some pipe insulation, 1" and 1-1/8" spade bits, and (on a second trip) a corded drill. Douglas Fir looks nice for indoor use like this.

The plan: The 4" x 4" are the vertical columns of the rack, they stand on a 2" x 6" lying on the floor and have a 2" x 6" across the back of the columns at the top of the rack. While cutting each 4" x 4" to length we also cut a roughly 6 degree angle on the bottom of each one so the columns would lean back slightly while the sill rested flat on the floor. We chose 4" x 4" so the rack dowels could be inserted roughly 2" into the column for good support without coming out the back side of the column. Top of rack is...Continue Reading