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As you have seen my post and hopefully visited my current website. I am still working to get this business extremely more efficient with the funds available.
We've had disappointments with securing a long term lease in a functional useful shop and my health this year has still been an issue . Anyway new things are happening and more opportunities are waiting to be birthed and we should be able to meet customer expectations on a much faster more responsive level.
Please contact me for being on a newsletter we are publishing and will be showcasing, products, offering giveaways and discount purchases, and customer showcases. Call me at 779-243-9964 CST or email me at [email protected]

Also we maybe be changing the name of the company because of domain conflicts with another company of the same name. I will let you know.
Bye, Mike
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Wow , the Super Cub was RTF ! It is now PNP !
I pulled the Rx flight control board and the 2 4 pin servos .
Replacing them with a mini FS2A Rx and 2 regular 9g servos .

Did I do a good thing or a bad thing ? Only time will tell !
It's a bit windy again , and the wind is apparently going to be relatively high for several days .

On the upside , I did pay less for this RTF than I would have for a PNP , so ?
I guess I will just have to sell the flight control board and two 4 pin servos . ( Even throw in a free Trashmitter )
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 05:35 PM | 664 Views
- Volantex Super Cub ( 750 )

I did a boo boo with the video recording , I had 3 micro SD cards in front of me and I accidentally took the older slower class 4 card and put it into the cam . These action cams need fast cards , so the result is no video .

A) I started in expert mode - No gyro ! Aw gawd that transmitter is a pile of Doberman left overs ! The Cub seems to fly ok , but it needs rates and expo to fine tune it . In expert mode the Trash Transmitter is a real handful .
B) Intermediate or middle mode ? The opposite of expert mode ! Now you dont have enough control , the Cub is hard to turn and almost feels like a soggy noodle in the sky .
C) Oh my GAWD ! that transmitter is such a pile ! Not as bad as the Tx that was bundled with the Decathlon , but still showing signs of instability or quirks . You really dont want a RC transmitter with attitude , you really dont . The flight ended when the Tx started to ? I dont know what the heck it was doing but the result was a forced landing ( un planned landing ) and a broken prop ! ( No other damage )
D) Volantex you Bee Hives ! You just had to use 4 pin servos .. Yeah , I really want to toss that Tx under a bus and put a new Rx in the plane and fly it with the Taranis Qx7 . The Taranis in the De Cat made a huge difference , so how much better would the Super Cub be controlled by the Taranis ?

Speaking of the De Cat

The 63mm wheels I ordered finally got here ..
OMG , those...Continue Reading
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Brownouts not to be confused with interference. 99 out of a 100 times, Loss of control would be from brownouts with the exception of the following.
Defective equipment
Very low-quality equipment
Bad install
Going out of range
blocked non line-of-sight signal loss.

Interference is very rare when frequency hopping is in use. Unless you're using a really low quality receiver or faulty antenna or you're standing underneath a cell tower with microwaves.
I Fly in two areas where there are cell towers very close by and one that's about 500 ft away and another one behind that about a thousand feet away. I also fly very close within 300 feet of a small cell tower. My planes will get as close as 100 ft to it. No problem unless you want to fly right up to the tower which I did with a drone which stop about 50ft from the Tower and return home. And that was with a really very low-quality receiver that was very prome to interference. In other places it did the same thing, the drone would stop freeze in flight in the exact same spot every time then returns to home due to microwave signals from the nearby cell tower 600 feet away. Does not do that with a different receiver, only the low quality or defective one.
Wi-Fi it's not frequency hopping so unless there's a very strong boosted Wi-Fi signal, it will not affect you. Pilots may mistake brownouts as interference. It is not. Interference was more common in the old days when Crystal receivers on one frequency...Continue Reading
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Previous builders of the DW Hobby Griffin complained about the tail lacking elevator authority and breaking easily because the tail boom was weak. At least one guy mentioned it being tail heavy.

The tail feathers are treated separately. They weigh 5 oz.

1. Installed carbon fiber strips 1/4” X 8” to the back end on both sides inside. These cost $6.99 extra and did not come with the kit. I CA’d them in place and think 5 min epoxy would have been wiser.
2. Moved the two A5 balsa side doublers forward to the compartment behind F11 former.
3. Kept the carbon fiber tube and cut a side slit for the rudder control. Cut one on top for the elevator control.
4. Reviewed the cable routing on the Carl Goldberg Sophisticated Lady plans. I matched the entry in the front of the stab and kept some of the rod exit angle. I also put graphite powder into the plastic tube to ease friction.
5. I epoxied the plastic tube in place and ground out ruts in the balsa sheeting to make the sides lay flat.
6. Had to trim 1/8” off the bottom of the right sheeting to make it match the left side. And I had to trim the front of the eppenage’s front piece to accommodate the carbon fiber slats.

The whole carbon tube slid into place. The wires were run. And everything was CA’d in place....Continue Reading
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I am currently in the last stages of building a B-52 downslope glider with an 86 inch wingspan. I'm a first time builder. I'm using Futuba. S3003 servos with FYF 4CH FHSS controller what are the recommended batteries. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Rick Melder
Posted by Alan 3D | Yesterday @ 01:40 PM | 910 Views
What is the number one problem in RC.

In my opinion it would be brownouts on loss of control due to an inadequate power source. At least four planes that is my experience. Watching others and my own aircraft. Has not been a problem for my drones. Drones not having many or any servos for power surge causing a brownout.

This is an easy problem to fix. But because so many people think it is something other than a brownout they never do. They blame it on interference which is a rare thing with frequency hopping and binding transmitter to receivers preventing other transmitters from knocking you out of the sky like the old 72 megahertz radios could do if you were on the same Frequency.

Often all thatit is required to solve loss of control of your RC craft is a larger BEC or receiver battery. THAT'S IT.


I originally was a futaba user. I didn't like all the spektrum pilots who were losing control of their planes that were electric. Gas and nitro planes did not have that problem. That's because they are using receiver batteries.
I found that futaba was less susceptible but not immune to brownouts. Spektrum was more sensitive to a poor power source causing brownouts. Once I figured that out and fixed power source on all my scratch built 14 planes, thay never browned out after that. My 6 bind and fly planes never had an issue ever. That's because they were built correctly from the start.
So I know spektrum is a reliable radio. Although there are some who will disagree.
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Halloa people

It's been a while (winter + bad weather happened :P)  But.. I just finished a review of the new Foxeer Toothless.. 
Definitely an interesting camera.. check it out  

Link to the cam: Foxeer Toothless all-weather FPV camera

Foxeer Toothless - the Fly-All-Day FPV camera??? - FPV CAMERA REVIEW (16 min 21 sec)

sensor type: CMOS
sensor size: 0.5 inch
resolution: 1200 tvl
lens: 1.7mm M12
field of view: 145 degrees
aspect ratio: 4:3 / 16:9 selectable
input voltage: 4.6V - 20V
latency: not specified
size: 19mm x 19mm x 24.6mm
weight: 8.5 grams
setup OSD: yes
runtime OSD: yes
Wide Dynamic Range: 100 db (?)
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DustOff Flight #8 - Modified Brushless WLToys Micro Cessna 182 - Aerobatics?

Let's knock some of the Dust Off of this Micro Cessna.

Here is a link to the Video:

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #BrushlessConversion #Cessna182 #WLToysF949

You Can Help Support Us By Using Our Affiliate Link To The Product Below. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

Here are links to all the Components used in the Brushless Conversion:

***Make sure you select a Receiver that supports your Transmitter Protocol - I chose this DSMX/DSM2 Receiver for my Transmitter
2.4G 4CH Micro Low Voltage DSM2 DSMX Compatible Receiver Built-in Brushed ESC

Racerstar Racing Edition BR1306 3100KV 1-2S Brushless Motor - Clockwise Screw Thread

HK-5320S Ultra-Micro Digital Servo 0.075kg / 0.09sec / 1.7g

Turnigy MultiStar Race Spec 7A BLHeli-S ESC 1~2s (Opto)

GWS EP Propeller (DD-4025 102x64mm) green (6pcs/set)

Pololu Adjustable Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S7V8A

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Ground Control RC™ Glue & Fly™ Series Scratch-Build Planes

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Patrons of the Channel will have access to the latest Aircraft Plans & Exclusive Content!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups
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Got in some more work on the Goldberg Jr. Skylark project that's slowly creeping along.

The note is written to be understandable by those who have never experienced this type of old school finishing (and maybe flash-back material for those who have!).
Doping out in the shop...butyrate that is...

So the Skylark gets a layer of light silkspan applied to it's fuselage..."painted on" with Brodak clear dope, along with a little shaping work on it's tail cone.

This is the most "crafts-like" stage, with a lot of tissue trimming and using clear dope to bond it with the balsa, then using sand paper to trim away the excess. Makes the whole shop smell like "Model Airplane"...which, when I was kid, used to get me evicted from the front room to the front porch. Mom just didn't appreciate my version of "Aroma Therapy".

It'll get sanded and clear-coated 'till it starts to get a shine, or until I start seeing purple dust bunnies in my closed-window, winter time shop....Continue Reading
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Version 1.1 of a direct fit curved turn fin for the popular UL-19 RTR Pro Boat Hydroplane. Curved turn fins are what works well on today's oval racing RC sport hydroplanes! This fin is based on our best seller 20 size fin blade design. Blade width at s 2.5" and blade depth top of blade to bottom of hook is approximately 3" This fin was designed to be a direct bolt on upgrade for your UL-19 hydro. This fin features:
  • Rugged 0.048" blade thickness
  • One piece design
  • Pre-Sharpened leading edge
  • Awesome cornering!
  • 436 high grade stainless steel
  • Laser precision cut
  • Laser cut mounting holes to fit UL-19 OEM bracket
  • Press brake formed curved section
  • Made in USA!

These fins are very sharp, customers must use caution to avoid cuts!
Posted by SafeLandings | Yesterday @ 04:24 AM | 1,569 Views
I designed the Whippiteer at the end of last year and constructed over Christmas 2019, it now has a number of flights under its rotors and shows promise. Unfortunately we have been hounded with constant wet weather over here in the UK so its not been tested as much as it should have.
Hopefully this one will be published in RCME magazine as a free pull out plan this year (its availible in the USA but under another name which has escaped me?).

Here are a few photos taken in January along with its third flight.

A build log is located on the magazine forum HERE

A few statics taken before the maiden:

RC model autogyro, The Whippeteer's 3rd Trimming flight (7 min 38 sec)

Hope it is of interest

Posted by lawrence4 | Feb 27, 2020 @ 10:15 PM | 1,940 Views
Nano DLG with motor installed (0 min 44 sec)

Wingspan: 495mm
Length: 580mm
Battery: 1S
Motor: MR-03-H 6400kv
Propeller: 75mm
Servo: 3.7g x 3
Receiver: Frsky VD5M 5ch 1.7g
Plane Weight: 58.4g
Motor Weight: 6.7g
Battery Weight: 8.1g
Total weight: 73.2g

C.G: 35mm main wing leading edge....Continue Reading
Posted by ptern | Feb 27, 2020 @ 08:05 PM | 2,123 Views
Hi all,

For the benefits of those wanting to use the K110 gyro as the flight controller, I am posting wiring diagrams showing how it is done.
The first diagram is for brushless tail, note that the 5V BEC is only driving the three cyclic servos and the K110 gyro, any BEC capable of 1.5A would be enough.

and the second diagram is for 1s brushed tail, note that the 5V BEC is driving the three cyclic servos, the K110 gyro and the tail motor so
the 5V BEC must be capable of at least 3A or better.

HINT: Beware about the quoted tiny '3A BECs' sold on Ebay, Aliexpress and Banggood. Although they advertiseds as 3A, however, for most of them, the 3A figure is the burst current for about 10 seconds. I bought a batch of 10 of them on Ebay but have to return them. Testing them revealed the continuous current is only 1.5A and even so, they got very hot to the touch. And yup, those are rated as 3A capable, which is a load of trash.
Posted by mgrimes1907 | Feb 27, 2020 @ 06:55 PM | 2,200 Views
Ground station and 900 mhz relays for telemetry and antenna trackers.


I had no idea that so many were going to view this so I will explain a little more.

My ground setup is a Pelican take down case with two (2) 19 inch monitors mounted in the lid. I did not drill or cut any holes in this case, I wanted it to maintain it's weather proof ability. The main part of the case holds a Graupner MC-28 radio, DragonLink transmitter. The Dragonlink transmitter is piggy backed with a 2.4 Ghz repeater from Graupner radio and a 900 Mhz radio modem for wireless telemetry to a laptop running Mission Planner, which is also housed in the main body of the case. Also in the main body of the case is a 5.8 Ghz video receiver with an HDMI out for one monitor. The other monitor is connected to the computer.

There are two antenna trackers on tripods in my setup, one has a 9 element 1.2 Ghz yagi to receive video. The 1.2 Ghz video is relayed to a 5.8 Ghz video transmitter on the tripod for wireless video to the ground station. Also on the video antenna tripod is a 900 Mhz radio, which is setup up on a Multi-Point network to receive data for the antenna tracker.

The second tripod holds the 433 Mhz yagi, DragonLink transmitter, 2.4 Ghz receiver, a 900 Mhz radio modem on a Peer to Peer network for wireless telemetry, and a 900 Mhz radio modem to receive data for the antenna tracker through the Mutli-Point network.

The 900 Mhz radio modems are controlled by Mission Planner via a couple of Maestro Mini 6 channel servo controllers piggy backed onto the 900 Mhz radio modems along with a PDB with a 5 volt regulator.

My goal was to have everything wireless and as quick and easy to set up as I could.

I hope this explains a little more than the short description I had posted earlier.

Please feel free to comment or make any suggestions.
Posted by old4570 | Feb 27, 2020 @ 04:59 PM | 2,312 Views
To Windy (0 min 27 sec)

WOW !!

I got up around 5.45am to try to beat the wind !
It was really quiet @ 6am
I walked out the door 6.30am ( Sunrise being just after 7am )

By the time I got to the field the wind gust was probably over 20kmh ...

Yeah , the wind has it in for me ( must be personal ! )

Anyways , launched the cub and it did on into such a wind .

I turned left and then down wind , now the cub picked up a lot of speed .

Trying to turn back and the cub was just not cutting it and rather than try to beat the wind I just cut power and landed / put down the cub a best as I could .
No damage , no nothing . Just a damned shame that it is so windy all the time .
What the heck happened to the weather ?
It's never been so windy before ! Decent days are few and far between . 2019 was simply horrendous for wind .
Go back 20 years and nice days were common place , now , rare as hens teeth !

Update :

The wind was so strong :
That when I turned left on the down wind leg , the angle of the wing pushed the cub down .
And the angle of the wing just made it hard to beat the wind , I think because so much of the back of the wing was exposed it just acted like a sail pushing the cub . It's almost Noon now and it's much calmer , but gusty .
Local airport says 15 gusting to 25kmh
Posted by gooniac33 | Feb 27, 2020 @ 04:32 PM | 2,421 Views
Some pix of my newest Eflite Su-30 with my LED Afterburners added! There is also a link to the installation video series! PM me for more details!
Posted by Herb | Feb 27, 2020 @ 02:07 PM | 2,638 Views
I got this nice twin 70mm EDF kit from BH for $149, including free shipping,

The kit itself is lightweight epo and is made by Lanxiang, it has been around for a few years

The model is 80.9 cm wingspan, whereas the original has 13.3 m wingspan

which gives an approximate scale of 1:16.4 .

As a result, the model is actually quite small for a twin 70mm edf (as opposed for ex. to the Su-57 by the same manuf.)