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New Florida Law Prohibits Local Governments from Regulating UAS.
We wanted to share some good news about a new Florida law that went into effect on July 1, 2017, the “Unmanned Aircraft Systems Act.” The state law prohibits local governments from regulating drone and model aircraft operations in Florida, protecting those flying safely and within the bounds of the law from unnecessary and burdensome local regulations. It does allow local governments to enact or enforce local ordinances relating to illegal acts, such as voyeurism, property damage and harassment, arising from the use of drones and model aircraft.

While this law is not perfect, it is helpful in protecting our longstanding hobby from the increasing number of restrictive ordinances we’re seeing proposed by local governments. As we have fought diligently against many harmful pieces of local legislation across the state, this is good news for hobbyists operating in Florida and an example for other states. We will continue to work with local and state legislators, including those in Florida, to educate them on AMA’s history of safe, responsible flight.

Click here to read the complete bill, or a summary of the bill can be read at the following link.

We want to extend our appreciation to all members for your continued support. .

Kind regards,
AMA Government Affairs Team
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Enjoy the day
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Hi All,

I'm RustyK and I'm an AMA AVP for District IV before that I was the AMA Leader Member Coordinator for five years.


Who am I? Simply put I am a Modeler, who enjoys building and flying model airplanes. I fly sport RC and a little control line. In the early 60s my Dad taught me to build and fly 1/2a CL. All little story here. My Dad had a great shop and cleared an area for me to build. He gave me a Xato knife and said be careful don't cut yourself. Too late I was already bleeding. Fortunately my Mother was a RN, she patched me up and sent me back to Dad.

I'm a AMA Life Member and an AMA Life Museum Partner and Local Club President

The purpose of the BLOG is to answer AMA questions and/or point you in the right direction and try to post AMA info you might find useful

This BLOG is not for moaning and groaning. Plenty of forums to post that sort of stuff.