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FQ777 FQ19W is a very special RC FPV quadcopter with unique Pterosaur-like design, looks just like from the ancient jungle. And with wearable remote controller, you can just wear the drone on the wrist, and control the drone with simple gesture, how cool is that!

FQ777 FQ19 (2 min 38 sec)

More info >>> link of product
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Hello , friends

Are you looking for the best drones for sale ? Which one you think the best ?

1) MJX Bugs 2C 1080P Camera 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Brushless Quadcopter Selfie Height Hold GPS Drone
199.99- 85= 114.99 off using coupon code MJXBS2C

2) Airselfie E03 WIFI FPV 5MP HD Camera Micro Brushless Quadcopter Optical Flow Altitude Sonar Selfie Drone with PowerCase
220-21=199 off using coupon code AE03

3) DJI Phantom 3 SE Wifi FPV 4K UHD Camera Drone 4km Long-distance Control Vision Positioning System GPS Quadcopter
620.99-35=585.99 off using coupon code DJI3SE

4) Original DJI Mavic Pro Portable Mini Drone FPV RC Quadcopter with 4K Camera OcuSync Live View System
1079.99-80.99 =999 off using coupon code DJIMP

5) Original UPAIR ONE Professional FPV Altitude Hold One Key Return RC Quadcopter with 4K 1080P HD Camera
329.99-30 =299.99 off using coupon code UPA1

6) DJI Phantom 3 Standard Version FPV RC Quadcopter with 2.7K HD Camera Auto-Hover/Live GPS/Auto-return home/Failsafe RTF Drone
499.99-40=459.99 off using coupon code DJI3

7) SUNLYTECH Alpha CAM 13MP 4K HD Camera Wifi FPV Brushless GPS Optical Flow Portable Selfie FPV Drone Quadcopter
299.99-15=284.99 off using coupon code AP15

8) WINGSLAND M5 Wifi FPV Selfie Smart Drone With 720P HD Camera Optical Flow GPS RC Quadcopter
289.99-20=269.99 off using coupon code WSM5

9) WINGSLAND S6 Wifi FPV Selfie Smart Drone With 4K 13MP HD Camera Optical Flow GPS Pocket RC Quadcopter
299.99-20=279.99 off using coupon code WGS6

10) IDEAFLY Poseidon-480 Brushless 5.8G 700TVL Camera FPV GPS Quadcopter Waterproof Professional Fishing Drone RTF
729.99-30=699.99 off using coupon code FLY480

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Hello ,

This sepia drone is equipped with an attractive appearance and multifunction, you will love it at first glance. It's HD camera allows you to capture aerial photo shots and video footages. Gravity sensing mode and visual positioning functions allow you to control your drone more easier. Just connect your drone with Wifi connection to your mobile devices and control it with simple clicks on the screen of mobile devices.

A detective artifact with the unique appearance, you will like it at first glance.
Highly durable airframe to absorb bumps and crashes.
One-key taking off/landing makes the operation more convenient and it is very suitable for novice operation.
Gravity sensing mode, allows you to fly the drone forward/backward/left/right in correspondence to the angle of the mobile phone.
Flight route setting mode: available on the APP that lets the drone fly according to a specified flight route.
Wifi control: to realize real-time transmission for live video by pairing the mobile app to the drone WIFI. Mobile phones with iOS or Android system are available.
360 panoramic 720P camera and visual positioning function make the drone hover at a fixed height and record every beautiful and unforgettable moment.

Wifi FPV transmission: >30m
Built-in gyro: 6-axis
APP required operating systems: iOS 6.0 or later
Android 4.2 or later
Wheelbase: 130mm
Max ascent speed: 1.5m/s
Max descent speed: 1.5m/s
Max horizontal flight speed: 3m/s
Max tilt angle: 20
Propeller: 3 inch 3-blade propeller
Motor: Brushed 8520
Camera resolution: 1 million pixels
Video resolution: 720P/15fps
Battery: 7.4V 530mAh lipo battery (included)
Flying time: about 6-8mins
Charging time: About 60mins
Product size: 178 * 178 * 87mm
Product weight(include battery): About 125g

Here :Link of product
Price 84.99$ off using coupon code SDA85
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Hello , everyone

1) GoolRC T37 Wifi FPV HD 720P Foldable Mini Selfie RC Drone for $29.99

2) SIMTOO Dragonfly Pro 16MP Camera 4K FPV GPS Drone for $339.99

3) Jdtoys JD-18 0.3MP Camera Wifi Fpv Foldable Selfie Pocket Drone for $25.99

4) FQ777 FQ17W Mini Wifi Fpv Foldable Pocket Drone for $25.6

5) Visuo XS809HW Wifi Fpv 0.3MP Camera Drone for $34.99

6) Tovsto V2 Aegean Se 5.8G Fpv 4K Camera GPS Drone for $259

7) Tovsto Falcon 210 Rtf 540TVL 5.8G 6CH Fpv Racing Drone for $249.99

8) 20cm diameter apron landing pad for RC quadcopter, RC helicopter for $4.99

9) GoolRC 78cm diameter foldable apron landing pad for DJI Phantom Mavic quadcopter, RC helicopter for $9.99

10) DHD D5 Wifi FPV 480P Camera Foldable Selfie Drone for $18.6

11) Cheerson CX-OF 2.4G 4CH Wifi FPV Mini Drone for $34.99

12) Walkera Furious 215 5.8G Brushless F3 FPV Racing Quadcopter RTF for $259.99

13) Original Walkera Runner 250 Advance GPS Version 5 FPV Drone with DEVO 7 and 800TVL Camera for $229

14) 33% off Walkera Goggle 4 5.8G FPV 40CH Aerial Video Glasses for $129.99 @rcmoment

15) MJX G3 5.8G FPV Goggles for MJX D43 FPV Receiver Monitor Bugs 6 Bugs 8 B6 B8 Brushless Racing Drone for $11.99

5% off all product with coupon code SALE15

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Wltoys F949 RC Airplane Features Overview

The RC airplane is designed according to Cessna-182 real plane. It has 3 coreless motors combination. The EPP composite material is not easy to break. The plane is suitable for beginners and intermediate flight game players. It can be used for indoor or outdoor flying.
The flying range up to 200m. You can do different directions accurately, or even 360-degree rotation etc.

WLToys F949 Cessna-182 EASY TO FLY RC PLANE (RCMoment.COM): ESSENTIAL RC FLIGHT TEST (11 min 19 sec)

Wltoys F949 RC Airplane Hands on Testing

This plane is almost exclusively comprised of foam and weighs very little. Hence it is very resilient against crashes. The high wing design of the Cessna makes flight more stable and easier to control. The dihedral design of wings makes flight more stable and easier to control. The 500 mah LiPo battery lasts an average of 25 minutes. The 3 channel of Wltoys F959 has throttle control on the left stick and elevator control on the right stick, so makes it much easlier than the 4 channel type. If you were a RC airplance beginner, you just need some practices to easily handle the Wltoys F959 airplane. The lightness design of Wltoys F959 makes it less likely to be damaged in the beginner's inevitable crashes. You can find and order all accessories parts for Wltoys F959 online so replacement parts should be easy to acquire. Well, the only disadvantage for me is I need to order a few more batteries just in case the plane...Continue Reading