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Posted by ghoti | Jul 14, 2006 @ 01:47 AM | 5,603 Views
I sell art prints once in a while. Here is the text that appears on the insert sheet thst goes with a matted print:

It is the physical beauty of the planet that lights my fire. It has always been my passion to grab some of that beauty to share with people. That is what caught me up in the magic box of photography at an early age. Thus, for 60 years I have been making photo prints of our awe-inspiring landscapes. Of course they were made from where I stood, camera in hand, surface anchored.

Recently I made a giant leap forward in camera placement. Upon combining my skills in photography, piloting radio control aircraft and systems engineering, I can now place my camera in spaces overhead otherwise occupied only by Hawks and Vultures. And now you and I get to see what they see.

The view of a piece of Earth from 400 feet above you can boggle your mind. Every flight is a fascinating discovery for me. The camera sees what I cannot see from below where I am stuck to the ground.. I stand “in it” looking up at the plane that is “above it”. Now, that view from “above it” can, at last, be captured, brought home and shared with you.

We evolved on the Earth’s surface, stuck by gravity. The aerial perspective is mostly new to our surface-bound way of seeing. The world seen from a few hundred feet up brings forth wondrous and splendorous patterns and harmonies of unexpected and breathtaking beauty. What a delightful...Continue Reading
Posted by ghoti | Apr 19, 2006 @ 10:01 PM | 6,287 Views
My self assigned morning was 2 flights over 2 bridges and bring home a good picture of each. 149 images later included these:
Posted by ghoti | Mar 08, 2006 @ 10:56 PM | 5,848 Views
GH as in enough

O as in women

TI as in nation.

George Bernard Shaw, I think, thought that one up.
Posted by ghoti | Feb 05, 2006 @ 02:05 AM | 8,343 Views
I fly to make aerial photographs. Thus mission-bound, the design of my flyers is restricted to making better camera platforms. I leave scale, aerobatics, speed to others. I like them slow and stable.

For a year I flew slow sticks and still do. This elegantly versital design is well suited for me. Additionally I am constructing a regallo wing arrangement for AP and a quad-motor/prop VTOL flyer also for AP. Each of these will have their place in my photography.

I carry at least three wings with different bottom markings, selected depending on light conditions. Black shows well against a white sky, white against a blue sky and brown, hawk wing emulation when I want to fly unnoticed.

My stable uses only brushless outrunners and LiPO packs. Why settle for less?

Currently I am outfitting a tiny single axle trailer (like you see pulled behind a motorcycle) to carry three camera planes and all needed support equipment for easy mobility. I want to travel around to beautiful places and photograph them from the unique perspective that only low altitude aerials can provide. I call these views, "amazingly unique views of the familiar," and I want to someday publish a book with the title, "A Hawk's View of Humboldt."
Happy landings, Fish