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Posted by GJOsik | May 23, 2011 @ 12:24 AM | 7,112 Views
My arms are red, the back of my neck is fried and my face is on fire. The excitement of my day started at 6:00am and ended twelve hours later at about 6:00pm, with dreadful sunburn. Was it worth the pain I feel now? You bet! It is now, 1:13am and ever since the show ended Ive been dying to put these pictures up. The Joint Service Open House and Airshow is an annual event held on the tarmac of Andrews Airforce Base, just outside of Washington DC. For citizens, it is a weekend event showcasing generations of performances of civilian, Marine, Airforce, and Navy aircraft. The weather could not have been any better. The sky was blue, the sun was hot, the ceiling was high, and the breeze was cool.

Below are the pictures I have taken, some are good, some are ok, and some are iffy. I killed the batteries in my camera in about 2 hours so I resorted to my phone I am still working on getting the videos up. Be sure to check out the replies, as they are filled with more pictures
Posted by GJOsik | May 03, 2011 @ 10:31 PM | 3,896 Views
Well, I got tired of seeing "there are no posts in this blog so I figured I would go ahead and put something here.

As far as my personal life goes I was born on the kitchen floor of my parents old townhome, moved about a mile down the road and here I am today. Not exciting at the least, but it suits me.

My RC hobby addiction started in February when my brother brought home a micro heli. It sparked my interest and I stumbled across RC planes. And now im hooked. I guess thats how it is for all of us huh? I tought myself to fly on a 4ch Airfield 55inch Skytrainer. After stumbling upon the champ forum I knew I needed to have one. I am no salesman but if you do not have a champ, go ahead and treat yourself to one. You will never regret. Out of all the champ owners I have yet to see anyone of them say anything bad.

I have a great and smart lady in my life, and so far she has not had a problem with me and my toys. In fact, she is buying me a dx6i as a gift so after that a parkzone UM t-28 and/or F4U corsair will be on order.

Below are just a few pictures I have taken.