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Posted by gordon205 | May 19, 2020 @ 11:25 AM | 4,471 Views
Hello Everyone. I am finally able to say I;m back in the rc game., It's been a real long time since my last post.

I finally got fired from my dream job, which gave me the time to finally get around to building my new workshop. funny how I thought it would only take a few days or at the most two weeks to build. So here we are 5 months later!! and its complete with enough room for more than one project. I got a bit carried away and added a loft, and more windows, a set of stairs to access the loft area. And we finally go all of our hangar queens upstairs into the loft area with no damage.

So back to Going Big. a couple of years ago I bought two planes. one is a Super Stearman bi-plane and the other is a black horse hobby L-39. Both have been hanging out on the ceiling of my garage as a reminder that they will be airborne again soon.

and NOW the L-39 is on a workbench. all it needed was (all the electronics) so a new work bench and a few lucky scores on rc classifieds and a free stimulus check all combine to get me back to flying! Father's day is starting to look a lot better. ( i did save a little back for a grocery run, maybe a maiden bbq on papa's big day.

L-39 is a big 90mm edf.
i recently acquired a 105 mm edf fan, motor, ESC & control boards from a super viper, which will power this big model nicely.
after I get them modded into the air frame. i've got new servo's and a few other items in the mail.
I will post a more photos as I get the bench together. Spektrum radio, 9 channel receiver, fpv in cockpit ( so my Dad can tag along in his goggles)

Posted by gordon205 | Oct 13, 2016 @ 10:29 PM | 2,364 Views
Today I finally got back into the rc hobby that had consumed me. for a number of years. started with the small helicopters, moved up to larger ones, then spent a fortune figuring out that I couldn't really fly the helicopters. so moved into plane's and everything has only gotten better.
I moved into rc edf jets a few years ago and got the speed bug. then wham I was building, flying, and raising grand kids.

This spring I was all set to get into scale rc stuff. so I spent a ton of time building a cool L-39 edf jet, and in early may I finished a C-130 plane and the day I went to maiden it. I had a Fire in my Workshop. and I literally erased my entire hobby lifestyle.

for the next few weeks, I was numb, and scrambling on getting it cleaned up. I only had a few items not in the shop, so I still had one radio, and a few parts so I spent the last 6 months not flying or building ......just filling out the content claims form, and dreaming.
Dreaming leads to bigger better things.....5 months later...

Today I finally had my first new airplane delivered and its out in my garage. I bought a well built Super Stearman biplane with a Radial Saito on the front. Now I'm shopping for some new graphics to apply and a new radio to fly it.

I decided to wait and finish all the clean up before getting back into building. but a member of my local rc club, offered me a smoking deal on his biplane, and Today he dropped it off at my place. I can't wait to get a radio and then get some decent weather to go fly it.

So after I get a radio, and get it setup , I then get to build a new shop in my back yard this winter,

then I can get back to building again
Posted by gordon205 | May 24, 2013 @ 01:49 AM | 3,932 Views
To many warm sunny days has made it a difficult choice on finishing my winter projects. But last week I spent a few hour in the shop, cleaning out the remains of way to damaged stuff to salvage.....and built my first hybrid-foamy. I have been watching guys at our field have a lot of fun with these big lightweight
Foamy planes. But I guess I'm kinda cheap, I would rather spend my hobby dollars on batteries or tools or a more real plane. Anyway my old Reactor has been given life again, sans the landing gear. It never worked very long anyway, so I left it off. I cobbled together a foam sandwiche for the body and used my old tail and wings, plus some old helicopter electrics and will Maiden it on Sunday:
Posted by gordon205 | Apr 01, 2013 @ 11:45 PM | 3,481 Views
Was calling it quits after a geat afternoon of flying, and well its getting dark and I put off some chores, then the phone rings and its my lovely wife....when? wherre R? You've been out there all day! So was gonna leave, but since I'm already in hot water whats a few more minutes. Another pilot was pulling out his LED rigged helicopter and I hadn't seen it fly so I stay another hour! and took this with my trusty old android phone. Bought the wife some chocolate Ice cream on my way home, and she still loves me

Okay for some reason, it won"t let me upload any video, not here, not on my blog. so here is the only othe photo I had. This used to be easy to upload, back to the help files I guess.
Posted by gordon205 | Mar 20, 2013 @ 02:20 AM | 4,187 Views
Well its been a couple of days since my last post, I have been scouring both rc web sites for info on how to program my DX7 to activate the led light system I showed in my last post. I can say I really need to expand my fliying buddy list with a lot more telephone numbers to contact for help. I almost gave up, but instead I took the whole lighting system out to my rc club meeting and did a show n tell with it and some of my fellow pilots( Thanks to Dave, Chris & Hugh) they were able to figure it out for me. So I am back on track and will start laying out the real fun part of installing the darn leds into the plane.

What I needed to learn was how to program a switch to turn the led board on and off to activate the individual lights for navigation, beacon & landing lights. No mixes were required. For this project I will be useing the Aux2 switch as its open, and I have'nt much else to play with on that side of the transmitter.

Here is what is working for me with the DX7 & ar7000 reciever. We also got it to work on the gear switch, but I'm useing it so we selected the AUX2 switch as its open So after after you select your model and have it bound to the receiver.

1. restart the transmitter holding down the scoll down button & select to access the model being used.
2. press scoll up & select to enter the (system list)
3. use scoll down/select button to (input select), by pressing the select button and the right rocker increase/...Continue Reading
Posted by gordon205 | Mar 13, 2013 @ 01:51 AM | 3,775 Views
Led lights have been on the list since I first got this model, and tonight I layed the system I'm going to use out and the table and took a few pictures. When I went to the monroe rc expo I found a couple of guys selling this led board, while I'm still leaning how to program my dx7, they have already got the rest of the stuff ready for me to start it up. So for now I just plugged a battery directly into the afterburner board, and ran my reciever off the temp flight pack. I will retake some of these pictures again as the light in my office is weak. but I got it all spread out, still will need to add longer wires to some of it, but I can do all that out in the shop

I also show the afterburner led lit and ready, the second picture is wot and its super bright, this setup allows me to use a separate battery for reciever and then pull power off the flight pack for the leds and esc.
Posted by gordon205 | Mar 13, 2013 @ 01:35 AM | 3,798 Views
had a short day at the field, so got back on track today and finished up the wing retract mounts. I wanted to spread the load a bit better in anticipation of my landing speeds. so decided to install some load bearing lumber, the pictures show the finished idea, I used some scrap wood that cut into a few nice blocks. and with the use of both epoxy and gorilla glue was able to get a firm install. after I cut the wood and created the shape I wanted, I experimented and painted the foam interior with a bit of water, then epoxy went on the bottom of spar and I put gorilla glue in a thin layer along the back and let the water on the foam fill in the gaps. I had to clean a little foam buildup out of the base of each retract slot after about an hour. the retracts wire was fed up through the top of the wing and connected to a y servo connector. I also glued extra pieces of the old covering on with just gorilla glue and used painter tape to hold it tight. 12 hours later, all is good. tape came off and only minor clean up left. I'll finish that when I get ready to paint the wing.
Posted by gordon205 | Feb 15, 2013 @ 12:40 PM | 4,008 Views
Fellow flyers,

Today I wrote a letter to my state senator urging them to stop this poorly written "drone" bill as it vaguely describes any rc vehicle. Take 5 minutes from your online use of this site and contact your representative now; we all as a community need to make theffort to keep our hobby intact.
Posted by gordon205 | Feb 11, 2013 @ 05:12 AM | 4,235 Views
Just got home from a two day trip to Monroe,WA to attend the Hobby AMA expo and Swap meet. I spent two days digging through all the swap stuff, as well as some pretty nice stuff the real vendors brought to sell, Got there early on the first day and scored a near new F-86 Sabre, as well as numerous bits and trinkets for at or lower than cost. I stumbled across an LED lighting system for edfs and other planes. They appear to be a new company (lakemicrosystems.com) I bought their afterburner board and will be adding it to the L-39 real soon. it offers landing lights,red, green, strobe light and an afterburner led.
I'm still working on the main body of the jet, I took a break to go fly the little planes, but Today I flew my new F-86 in Yakima,WA and it was a blast, it was a real pleasure, simple toss into the air and then Rock ON, way fast, even glided well.
Posted by gordon205 | Dec 13, 2012 @ 03:01 AM | 3,966 Views
Still getting a few comments on my intake question, so after a day of house decorating and cooking a few meals I escaped out to the shop and cut out the templets for retracts in the wing. was kinad nervous about cutting the wing as its my first foam core wing, but it went pretty good, even got them pretty well lined up. I was able to get almost all of the gear recessed into the wing, but the wheels will stick out about halfway when retracted but it shouldn't be visible in flight. I will be cutting a slot for the wire's later when I actually secure them in. need to do a little research on other builders sites before I glue in the mounting blocks, I still want to be able to distribute the load and not have them punch through the top layer on my second Hard landing.

I may end up cutting a bit more foam out, to extent the mounting blocks
till next time.
Posted by gordon205 | Dec 10, 2012 @ 01:21 AM | 4,580 Views
So while I'm waiting for fellow flyers input and possible suggestions on my slim air intake questions. I spent my daylight fly time in the workshop again, due to steady rain. So tackled the nose gear retract framework and designed an interlocking wood box to mount the steering retract into, I wanted something that would help absorb the load on landing and be able to help with internal support as the shell is really an empty tube. So lacking a lot of power tools, I used a piece of cherry wood and rigged up a fence on my jigsaw and after an hour or so completed a basic box, also used some old shelving for blocks under the servo. I tacked it together with a few spots of hot glue, and after running the gear up and down a few times fitted it into the nose and tacked it down so I can check for any binding. after it was set I am pretty impressed with its look. I know It will be easy to pull it back out and mount it a little bit deeper so whole gear is recessed. and will build in a few more cross section braces when it becomes a permanent. but have to get started on the wing gear before that job. so I can make sure the height is right. Here are the pictures ....I'm planning on building some type of ram scoop on the open end of nose recess to feed back into the edf ducting.

Thanks for looking
Posted by gordon205 | Dec 09, 2012 @ 03:42 AM | 3,966 Views
So the build is underway, last night I whipped out a pencil,and drew in the templet for the tail cuts and for the retracts. Then made my first cuts. The tail will be with an internal servo, I'm borrowing from "wisedumb's" blog, by using a rod inserted into the tail, then through a bushing into the tail area and will connect to a small metal geared servo inverted in front part of tail assembly. Also cut open the front retract bay, I'm planning on having a third air intake feed into the edf from the end of the front retract like a scoop of some sort. Still playing with that idea. I posted to the forums today concerning the small inlets, lots of lookers, only 1 response so far. I'll post here tomorrow, with progress photos. Before I try to go fly. Cheers
Posted by gordon205 | Nov 30, 2012 @ 04:04 AM | 4,528 Views
Hi everyone,

I finally am getting to the workshop phase of the year, seems I am working during most of the daylight hours that I can go fly, and so into the workshop I go. I have been slowly collecting the parts I think I will need to build this L-39 into the plane it deserves to be. I have been haunting most rc jet websites for the last few months, collecting odd photos of other builds, downloading multiple manuals on building from an arf, or foamy and now i'm just going ahead with it. one of my biggest concerns has been the size of edf to use and how small the inlets are for the size of the shell.

So I took a few pictures last nite, and mocked up the inlet/edf/and an exhaust tube with both a 90mm setup and a 70mm setup. not sure if I need a cheater hole for more air or not. So am seeking some input from more experienced flyers. So I post a few photos and then after this weekend will post a few questions on rcuniverse/groups and see what feedback I get. the inlet pictured is for the 70mm sapac model, and was thinking that I could use the center space to draw in extra air via a tube feeding in from the front retract bay, or just cover it with a screen to keep wires out and pull in from the whole front of cockpit area.
the edf fan pictured is 76mm from my retired kyosho f-16.

I have been also concerned of the total weight. I finally last week put all the parts I own on a scale and weighed everything,
lets see, empty glass shell weighs 22oz, wing =19oz, retracts 5-6oz, all wiring,servos, reciever/w sat aprx 8oz maybe less, new paint scheme 2-9oz, edf I am leaning towards the V32 eflight 80mm=4oz,80a esc 4oz, motor 6oz, battery 4s 4000
should put the plane at or near 6lbs maybe 7, depending on battery size. Or if i use the 90mm setup I own, then we can add another 2.5lbs for just the power system. I am not sure the retracts would handle my landing's
Posted by gordon205 | Jun 15, 2012 @ 12:04 PM | 4,294 Views
Just finished my man cave upgrade, so I can really get started on my new project. I recently aquired this L-39 while on a quest to return a propeller that was flawed. Its really amazeing how you just finds things, anyway the Back to the Jet.

I have been looking for something to replace my old F-16 because I really liked the 70mm size and still had the itch for speed

So this is an L-39 that i think is a shell from Sapac or close enough . Im planning a U.S. Navy paint scheme, with electric retracts in 70mm edf with a scorpion 10 and ten bladed fan. I got retracts from a guy in Hong kong, and they got here yesterday. I still need to aquire an ESC and some basswood for framing up the interior. Also will need more time!!!

I'll post a few pictures soon.
Posted by gordon205 | Jun 15, 2012 @ 11:47 AM | 4,255 Views
been awhile since my last post. been struggling to fly my a6m5 conversion plane. I have had 4 near crashes trying to maiden the beast!
bad esc, not enough power, under rated esc for 4s, cobbled up 4s esc will try it again today. I will Fly...

Summer Project F-16 replacement is a glassed L-39 aprox 70mm

Main project is almost done I rebuilt my hobby - Cave. So I can get started on my New Sapac L-39 Jet. insulation was a real chore, but I have to admit I am glad I don"t do sheet rock & taping everyday ; I hurt everywhere. I pulled out old cabinets and replace with 3 - 4ft work tables end to end. added extra lights, and all new shelves, peg boards plus a dedicated area for the jigsaw & drill press, and of course a charging area for all my batts. even found a place to store all my planes. Running out of my time off, sure have been enjoying this furlough. See you all out at the field.
Posted by gordon205 | Apr 17, 2012 @ 01:08 AM | 4,346 Views
Just an update...finally finish my f16, with a new lightweight mesh nose assembly, good CG, and new 50amp ESC, also moved to a 4cell 2200 battery.

My in hindsight review

Had to wait for a sunny day, I really spent a lot of time making sure the soldering was good, and steering was well tested on the ground. I must've taxied it at least 6 times getting a feel for the new 4cell pack.

I had to wait until after our blue angel squadron flew, then I went for it. Time set for 4 minutes, wind was good, takeoff was smooth at 3/4 throttle, I was able to make three nice passes without any problems, and decided to,swing around for one long pass and then land. As I flew down to the end of our field and went to bank into the corner the nose kept falling and it was a bit sluggish, On the elavators, I guess I expected to complete the turn and go up for altitude, instead it just dove down and it went straight into our recently drained duck pond. Other pilots said it shot up a huge fountain of mud. If you're still reading, I got the unique fun of walking into a mud bog, the plane fuselage is a total loss, but my new nose was still intact. Most of the electrics were sticking up out of the mud, and still chirping. All I lost out in the mud was the front wheel assembly.
I am amazed at how much was still whole. I was able to get it into a trash bag, and slither my way back to dry land.

After I got home I started a thorough wash With a wet sponge,some water off the hose...Continue Reading
Posted by gordon205 | Apr 16, 2012 @ 11:41 PM | 4,116 Views
Just an update...finally finish my f16, with a new lightweight mesh nose assembly, good CG, and new 50amp ESC, also moved to a 4cell 2200 battery.
Posted by gordon205 | Mar 22, 2012 @ 01:47 PM | 4,294 Views
I am jumping into Nitro plane flight! after tons of looking,reading,browseing the web, I am biulding a test stand for breaking in & learning my new collection of nitro motors. prior to strapping them into a few planes. So monkey see, monkey build I introduce my newest plane.....the flying sawhorse. I will start with an OS FL-70 4stroke, I plan on putting into a three channel kadet senior. maybe as early as next week. look out April fools day
Posted by gordon205 | Mar 15, 2012 @ 10:52 AM | 4,905 Views
Finally got my camera working.. and figured this page out So here is the picture of my twin edf jet Dad gave me for my birthday This is a great Sunday once a month flyer. Seems to be a crowd pleaser, Sounds super awesome and with no ailerons fly's great. two flights about 4 minutes each on a 3 cell 1000ma lipo is plenty for this plane. easy flying should last me a number of years.
Posted by gordon205 | Feb 28, 2012 @ 02:45 PM | 4,468 Views
Any hobby can have its ups and downs. Weather has been a constant challenge for me of late. If I think I can go fly today....when the first battery hits the charger the weather starts to change! Arrgh! - new projects pushed aside...I need more hanger space for my growing fleet of planes. Will post tonight when finished, I have been banned from storing planes in our dinning room, spare bedroom & the Coffee table!