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Posted by scribble007 | Oct 14, 2010 @ 11:42 PM | 3,837 Views
So far i have progressed nicely into my build. The local heli pilots call me a "starving artist" cuz all my money goes to school and gas.
so the main point of this was to try to build the cheapest 600 i could yet maintain something that was good and mechanically sound.
To many people giving what i feel to be inaccurate advice on these helicopters saying that you should buy the expensive align and futaba servos, gyros and such. which defeats the entire purpose of an inexpensive helicopter. If i had the funds to buy all brand name components, i would have bought align.
so my build so far is this.

3 exi 227f (45$) cyclics. so far, super fast, strong and center very well
JR nes8700g (40$) used old tail servo. but still works great.
t600 motor (40$) huge. needs motor mount filing so that larger screws can be used. a modded frame and 6mm pinion
used align 100 amp (45$)
ar7000 (40$)
turnigy 5000mah 25c (60$)
GY48v (12$)
6mm pinion (2.50)
FG ebay blades (22$)
total components $306.50
+ HK600gt 160
Grand total of $466.50

Ill admit buying used or searching classifeds saves a ton, and one should look for the good deals.
Yet my standing price for a good trusted fast and powerfull helicopter is still 300$ cheaper then iv ever seen an align for sale new or used