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Posted by NELICOPTER | Today @ 10:50 PM | 8 Views
I'm currently creating a design brief for an F5J class electric sailplane and would like to ask some questions about what other glider pilots seek from their thermalling flagships.

Some specific constraints I have incorporated include;
- A very compact disassembled size of 100-80x30x20cm in case. (I plan to be able to transport it in bag and on a bicycle.)
- Total wingspan of 3 - 3.8m's
- Total flying weight between 750-1500 grams
- Assembly of the plane should take 5 minutes

After a couple weeks of this design process I will eventually link to a build log.
I'm thinking of a 3-5 piece wing that incorporates a DLG style tail to increase compactness.
What design features would you like to see in an F5J sailplane?
Posted by Gimbal Guy | Today @ 10:39 PM | 18 Views
Been watching & waiting on building this work of ART!!! The FPV FlightClub TOKIO XL 6" build with super wide 2405 HyperLite Pancake Naked Bottom motors. 40A 4in 1 DALRC Engine with a DYS v2 Pro F4 Fc & Matek 500mw switchable vtx

Please take a moment a checkout the completed build n the link below!!!

#gimbalguy #tokio #fpvflightclub #multigp #dallasstars #nestars #drones #mrsteele #snakefpv #fpv #racing #forsale
Posted by GS AutoTech | Today @ 10:27 PM | 31 Views
I inherited 6 RC Planes, tools, parts & related gear. My favorite was an original Carl Goldberg Super Chipmunk. I've already removed the glow motor, mount, tank & old electronics for a fresh electric power plant & modern electrics makeover.
Posted by Rural Flyer | Today @ 10:19 PM | 38 Views
Mjx bugs 2c with Yi clone cam...

Bugs 2C 02 18 2018 (2 min 43 sec)

Posted by Ducati Mechanic | Today @ 10:04 PM | 53 Views
My new concept X5 DLG! KST xo8 v5 servos,futaba 18Sz TX
Posted by Smoke6 | Today @ 07:55 PM | 150 Views
Blade 130S FPV (3 min 11 sec)

I have to say that this is the most fun FPV aircraft I have ever flown.
I used:
I get about 4-5 minute flight times with 450mAH batteries. Take-offs and landings are difficult to say the least. That's where I eat up the most tail blades.
Posted by Bazilboom | Today @ 07:15 PM | 170 Views
Just thought I would share my TT01 which was bought from Ebay. I completely stripped and rebuilt the chassis added bearings, replaced the plastic drive shaft with a metal one and replaced all the screws with new hex ones, then brought a HPI Dodge Viper Shell, just waiting on some gun metal wheels and trim items (exhausts, wiper blades & wing mirrors). Paints used where Tamiya PS-15 Metallic Red & TS-6 Matt Black.
Posted by Logan Tech | Today @ 06:55 PM | 185 Views
I want to get the spektrum dx6i but it has to be able to get 2 receivers running at the same time. For my tank one receiver for the top part and one for the turret that way it can spin 360 degrees without stopping. Can it do it? And can I use both sticks to celf center?
Posted by mlilasic | Today @ 06:05 PM | 238 Views

This is my first drone from HobbyCool, a company in China which deals with all kinds of RC hobby products.

This is the cleanest build I have ever seen and I have to congratulate HobbyCool on that. As if Swiss Watchmakers were building this quad. Everything is so neat and all wires are perfectly tucked in the stack. Please see these details:

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Posted by old4570 | Today @ 05:31 PM | 253 Views

Discharging @ 500mAh ( 0.5A ) with Powerex Charger .

1st round

1. 2644
2. 2612
3. 2585
4. 2644
5. 2608
6. 2630
7. 2541
8. 2519

2nd round

1. 2603
2. 2704
3. 2610
4. 2587
5. 2684
6. 2721
7. 2622
8. 2619

3rd round

1. 2586
2. 2692
3. 2593
4. 2591
5. 2644
6. 2614
7. 2570
8. 2618

4th round

1. 2597
2. 2629
3. 2740
4. 2440
5. 2638
6. 2606
7. 2690
8. 2582

And so ends the Turnigy trials ...
Posted by Joeb2231 | Today @ 01:13 PM | 601 Views
Does anyone know if or where the VBAT pads are on a spectrum SPMFC3207 flight controller? Removing spektrum receiver and installing a Frsky XSR telemetry receiver and would like the have voltage telemetry. Plz help.
Posted by Bill M - RC | Today @ 01:10 PM | 592 Views
Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts

Some flippin fun with a Furibee X140 fpv micro racer

You can get this here using coupon code MKCX140 here: https://goo.gl/hGnade

Recommended battery here: https://www.gearbest.com/battery/pp_...?lkid=11945766

Furibee X140 Flippin fun (4 min 20 sec)

Posted by Absaroka | Today @ 12:18 PM | 647 Views
Little wind- flew the bigger planes.
Posted by spinnetti | Today @ 11:48 AM | 668 Views
Playing again with Do-335 components. This is the current part collection, some at 14.68 (lanyu) scale, some at 1/10 scale and the Landing gear at 1/6th scale....Continue Reading
Posted by Reckless_fpv | Today @ 09:59 AM | 764 Views
Posted by thijs slotman | Today @ 05:01 AM | 948 Views
just a quick update on my channel:
channel update, best way to support me. and some acro progres :) (6 min 41 sec)

Posted by Calcifer | Today @ 04:01 AM | 974 Views
The painting within a painting of the painter painting a painting of the painting painting the painter.....

All whilst being painted...

You know what I mean
Posted by meatbomber | Today @ 04:00 AM | 978 Views
Last year was a good one at work as we got a new type of flying into our repertoire!

We got hired by the Aviationphotocrew to fly photoship for their Air2Air photography projects. Great fun and great challenge making a very nice break from doing the same stuff year in year out (not that that is boring )

Anyway there is a very nice photoreport her:

And some video here
Beautiful (2 min 51 sec)

Posted by GRW3 | Today @ 03:16 AM | 1,089 Views
I occasionally participate in swap meets. I go to them more often to buy odds and ends but every few years I have some 5hings to sell. This was a sell year. I teamed up my pals Jim Branaum and Bob Severance, who did this much more often. We went to the San Antonio area Tri City Flyers Swap Meet, an annual event I like to get to to hit the itenerate hobby shops, if nothing else. On a personal basis, itís a good place to catch up with old pals.

There had been a great disturbance in the Swap Meet force in January. The long standing Georgetown RC Swap Meet had been visited by the Tax Man. The state comptrollers had shown up to register all the amateur sellers to pay sales tax. (Yes, itís true. If you rent a space to sell, you owe sales tax.) Some vendors pulled chocks and left but not all. A week or so ago we got a note from Tri City that the same would apply there too. It takes about 15min to get a sales tax ID on line so we did it. We wondered how it would affect the event. It did seem to have an impact. There were empty tables both Friday and Saturday.

The backstory on Georgetown is that, as related by the grapevine, they have a disgruntled former member who is waging a vendetta against them. Someone with political clout sufficient to roust out the staties to hassle them. What we're not quite sure of is if this caused the state to send notes to swap meet organizers to pay up or if Tri City poked the bear.

I gathered up my things and piled the into Jimís truck to...Continue Reading