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Posted by kiwi_craig | Feb 10, 2017 @ 05:39 PM | 10,783 Views
Lots of choices out there, its really important to get the motor KV / battery / gearing all matched.

there seems to be allot of high Kv "kits" that basically cog like hell and are rubbish to drive,

here is my spreadsheet figuring kv. batteries and gearing compared to the stock setup running a 2S lipo as the base line 100% value.

basically around 30% speed increase is the practical limit - gain

I went to the effort of hunting out the 2845 - 2600kv motor, it works nicely, excellent torque and stellar top end speed on 3S.

2S - the 3100 motor is the pick, 3S the 2600 or 2800 motors are the go.

gears the robinson racing gear sets are the way to go 16t through to 26t works on these setups.

get the bigger 2845 can motors, forget the smaller 2838 motors, gutless in comparison. and anything higher than 3600kv just wont work worth a damn.......