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Posted by Tom Hunt | Oct 26, 2018 @ 12:03 PM | 19,811 Views
How fast does a stock V900 really go?

When Stuart Warne was still leading the Durafly Ship at Hobby King, I did some work for him on the upgrade to the EFX to the EFXTRA. The basic difference was a larger motor and prop and clipped tips.

A "stock" EFX with the supplied black prop barely got over 90mph. Putting a "better" APC prop on it made it go 99MPH! Stuart wanted it to go faster.... how much I asked. Lots... he said... I told him, sorry, but to go LOTS faster requires more energy than you can fit in the fuselage. Since 4S was really the size limit (with any reasonable amount of capacity), with some motor changes and better props, I was able to get the EFXtra to 110mph level flight and close to 135mph in a terminal (straight down) dive.

A couple years later, in steps the V900 from Eflite with claims of 120+MPH. With all the work and inflight data I collected on the EFX and EXFtra, I had to see if there was some magic in the V900 that made it go 10MPH faster on basically the same 4s power system. It takes GOBS more power to go 10MPH faster (level flight) at 100+MPH!

Well ladies and gentlemen, it does go 120mph as advertised, but only in a steep dive! It does about 110MPH straight and level, and surprise surprise, it's just about the same power level as the EFXtra! it's just that and EFXtra does it with a 7 x 6.5 prop and a V900 with a 8x8 . Pretty much proving that if you make good decisions (motor/prop), POWER is king, not what is in...Continue Reading