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Posted by nageotte | Feb 04, 2012 @ 06:02 PM | 5,724 Views
I am about to finish up on Glamorous Gal, my most ambitious project to date.

I want to share what I have done, so I am adding to my blog.

First thing to note is that I found a new material to work with. I call it "new foam". I got a piece of scrap insulation at hope depot and love it, it is so easy to work with and razors make a very clean cut on it.

You need to check out my video,

I wanted the pictures to appear here in my text, but I have only gotten them to follow.

Next are two pictures of rudders to show how I get fixated on little things. Then I show the rudder mod.

The next item I turned to was a hole in the bottom of the fuselage that PKZ put there for cooling. The air flows through and exits there. I figured that the system North American used on the P-51 was good enough so I filled the hole and made a scoop from aluminum flashing. I used hot melt glue to hold it in which was ugly. Hot melt doesn't make a smooth surface.

I covered the fuselage with Monokote trim tape that comes in five inch by 36" peices. I poked rivets by hand and made some panel markings with a fine sharpie.

I will show the gear in more detail later, I used e-flite retracs and actually sanded the case for the best match to the upper wing surface.

The real Glamorous Gal has painted silver wings, but polished flaps and ailerons just like my model.

OK, I am finished!!

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