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Posted by 800mZero | Dec 05, 2008 @ 02:25 PM | 12,143 Views
I said it once when we saw protoype videos "That thing is sick" pretty much sums up how I still feel about the Velox. It is a violent tumbling little machine that is just as comfortable upside down spinning viloently towards earth as it is rocketing to the heavens for a clean loop.

The velox was the first of the 47" inch 3dhs models to have airfoiled tail surfaces, this prompts an intese pitch althority that really makes the velox one in its own. I have never seen air plane on high rates able to tumble end over end and not lose altitude, its simply amazing to watch. With the pitch authority comes rock solid harriers---down low and slow the velox loves it. High speed walls into to hover--the velox loves it, knofe edge double snap back to knife edge--the velox loves it.

This is the 3d airplane you want to simply beat the snot out of to see what she can take.

Take offs and landings are cake walks---much like the Katana--a little bit of speed and she drops right in. Too windy for a traditional approach---harrier her to the ground!

Here is my Velox powered with a torque 2814/820, AB 45 elite esc, 4s hyperion packs, hs65mg servo's, and a Xoar 12X7. Decals are my design created by scottsrc.com. Please note although you may be able to find the graphics at other locations on the net. The original design and artwork is mine and scotts rc's.