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Posted by rclad | May 24, 2017 @ 10:05 PM | 5,081 Views
Last November I purchased an 87" 3DHS Extra 300 SHP, my first giant scale plane, with the goal of using it to compete in IMAC contests this year. It will be powered by an Xpwr 60cc motor and two 6s 6000mAh 35C Glacier batteries.

Never content to build an ARF, or kit, without customizing it to make field setup or flying easier, I went about drawing plans for modifying the Extra. Among the many items on my to-do list was a battery tray that would simplify the steps needed to insert and connect battery packs to the ESC. The plan was to make this a winter project that would be ready for spring flying, practice and the first IMAC contest in the North Central region in May of this year, 2017. Plenty of time, right? Well, events never seem to go the way you plan.

I do CAD work for a living (AutoCAD for civil engineering), so drafting plans for the custom parts I needed was not a problem. But creating a prototype of something that has never been done before requires a considerable amount of time designing, testing, building, testing and re-designing until you have something that comes close to your original concept. With two kids, a house and a full-time job to manage, I have relatively little time to work on my RC hobby. Apparently, I spent hours of that precious time just staring at my plane as I mulled over the next step in the process. Creative products take time!

In the beginning of this project the idea struck me that a battery tray could do more than just hold...Continue Reading